Value, emphasis, unity By: Sydney Lee

My artwork looks like sunflowers all together. The subject of my artwork is sunflowers all together with one sunflower that pops out the most than the other. The title of my work is a sunflower patch. The elements and principles that are most obvious in my work is the value, emphasis, and unity. The value in my piece is all the other sunflowers in my artwork except one are shaded and darker. The emphasis in my artwork is the one sunflower that draws attention and is the focal point.

The media that I made my artwork with was pencil, and colored pencil. I used the pencil to draw out my work and shade in most of the sunflowers. I used the colored pencils to color in the petals of the sunflower and put brown inside the sunflowers.

The person who inspired my artwork was myself and the internet. I really like sunflowers, I thought that they are pretty and would be a good art piece. The emotions I showed in my artwork was happiness by using loud colors like yellow. Also flowers mean happiness because they make people happy and smile.

My goals as an artist is to make your own artwork and to try your best to make your artwork how you want it to be. I think I made my goals as an artist. I took my time making this piece of artwork and think it turned out how I wanted it to.

I learned that I could use the principles value, emphasis, and unity in my artwork. The final piece is what I imagined because I knew I was going to draw sunflowers. This piece will influence me to do more artwork like this and try different kind of media to make my artwork look more interesting.

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