Tornadoes By: Berke taskin

The Biggest Weather Problem In The U.S. ?

Every year in the U.S 60 or more people get killed by a tornado. It is the biggest nightmare in the U.S. causing damage and crashing houses. Continue reading to learn more about how dangerous tornadoes could be and how to protect yourself from it.

What Is A Tornado?

A tornado is a funnel shaped thunderstorm. It moves and pulls everything that it goes through. It can harm people because when a tornado ends it drops down everything from a high distance.Tornadoes can move 300 miles per hour they kill about 60 people each year. They usually happen between 3 and 9 p.m. Their Height can be about a mile high.Tornadoes are known as the most dangerous weather problem. The country that has the most tornadoes is the United States and the most common city that has tornadoes is Oklahoma City. The biggest tornado ever recorded was in Oklahoma city it was 2.6 miles wide!

What Makes Them Occur?

According to Nolan Atkins the reason because there are so many tornadoes in the United States is that when cool air, dry air, and warm moist air meet at one point, it causes the perfect condition for a tornado. Nolan Atkins said, “Tornadoes can happen in every month but they usually happen from May to June”.

How To Be Safe During A Tornado

There is no way you can prevent it from happening but there are ways you can protect yourself from it. Always stay away from windows. You could avoid one if you hide underground, if you are in a car don’t try to drive away from it because tornadoes can change direction very quickly if you are at school you should go to your school’s basement, your teachers would guide you. Use your arms to protect your head and neck. If you can’t go to a building and you have nowhere to go, lie on the ground and protect your head and neck with your arms. Tornadoes usually occur with a thunderstorm so don’t go to forest while a tornado is happening because lightning can burn trees and a tornado will be more powerful with flames.

Why Shaped Like A Funnel?

Maybe you are thinking why shaped a tornado is shaped like a funnel? Well here is the answer to your question. Tornadoes are shaped like a funnel because when warm moist air gets pushed up in a storm it twists around creating that famous funnel shape.

Do They Cause Any Problems?

Tornadoes usually cause very big damage to buildings, like schools or work buildings. Because of tornadoes the government needs to fix the damage which means that we spend money for fixing those damaged buildings. They take away lives. For example the picture down below it has been damaged by a tornado.

Are Waterspouts Actually Tornadoes?

Waterspouts fall into two categories: Fair Weather Waterspouts and Tornadic Waterspouts. tornadic waterspouts are actually tornadoes formed on the water, they occur with lightning thunderstorms and tsunami waves. When a tornadic waterspout is formed fair weather waterspouts form close to the tornadic waterspout they do not touch the sea they move very little. Very rarely it happens that tornadic waterspouts and fair weather waterspouts mix and they go on land it creates a humongous tornado on land.


Remember don’t panic when you see a tornado stay calm and warn others. Go to a place that is underground. Never try to drive away from a tornado otherwise you will get pulled in. Stay away from windows if you see somebody that doesn’t know what to do go and help them because you know what to do and you can save a person.

Avoid: When you avoid something you keep yourself away from something.

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