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Began with the prophet Mohammed (610-632) who was born in Mecca (now Saudi Arabia) in the 6th century, CE. In 632 Mohammed led a pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) and Islam became the dominant religion of that region.
MAIN TEXTS: The Qur’an (Koran): contains the words of Allah (God) as transmitted to Mohammed between 610-612 CE. The Hadith – collection of stories of the prophet Mohammed by those who knew him.
Five Pillars of Islam 1. The Confession of Faith (Shahada) – there is no God but Allah 2. The Prayers (Salat) – said 5 times daily 3. Fasting (Sawm) – holy month of Ramadan 4. Pilgrimage (Hajj) – Muslims encouraged to travel to Mecca once in their lifetime 5. Tithing or tax (zakah) – religious tax for the poor
Islamophobia– unfounded fear in the west of Islamic religion and Muslims and Islamophobia as a form of orientalism
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