Steve Kong The Trench Beast

An investigation crew has set out to explore a remote island... But the crew plane has crashed and left only one survivor... Although he has lost his leg, the wounded warrior has now woken from unconsciousness.
Upon waking, he realizes he is stuck in a deep trench and immediately sets out on a search for help.
After hours of walking he sees something that appears to be a person in the distance! "Finally... HELP!" said the soldier. The distance figure said nothing but began to approach him. The soldier was beginning to get scared.
Finally the distant figure and the soldier came face to face. It turned out to be a super sized human, but he had lost his mind being isolated in that island for years. "Hey, thank goodness I finally found someone... Do you know a way to get out of here? Have you seen my crew?" Asked the soldier... But the beast just stared at him. The beast was angry. Why? Who knows. But he was.
The Trench Beast and the soldier stared at each other in silence. The Trench Beast, was going to end the life of what in his eyes was the intruder of his island!
"AAAAAHHHH HELP CHIEF, SARGENT JOHNSON, MOMMY! SOOMEONE HELP!!!" Screamed the soldier... But the shouts were of no help. For these would be the last seconds of his short life.

The soldier stared trying to stay conscious... But everything grew dark, slowly fading away as he faded with it until he... DIED...

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