The Architecture of Religion By: Corbin Dennis

Day 1

Today my plane landed in Nepal the service was really strange but hey at least I got here. The himalayas look amazing when you are shopping in the local markets it looks like just a normal everyday thing. I took a bus that costs about $1 for me to take it to a religious architecture for Hinduism. Turns out the temple is called Pashupatinath which means "god of the animals" the temple was amazing they had tons of weird statues with some sort of flower necklaces all over them. Today was a fun day but I had to head back later that night to get some rest before I went to my next location tomorrow here's what my hotel looked like though...

Nepal hotel Pashupatinath Temple

My hotel view on the street, local side.

This is what my amazing plane to Thailand looked like.

Day 2

I've been seriously jet lagged lately and decided I'm gonna check out the religious architecture of Buddhism tonight. I woke up a little early and decided i'll go watch the sunset behind the temple had to take a bus that was a little more expensive though. The temple has a very confusing and long name called Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit don't really know what it means now one didn't really know. The place was amazing though they looked a lot more public though and giving to much tours but the place had people praying to these huge golden statues that looked amazing. The place was perfect hears a picture I got of it

A beautiful picture of Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsit

This is the sunset picture I got definitely worth it.

Day 3

For some reason I've felt a lot better and fell like I can do anything the plane ride was smooth and I got a long nights rest. I have now showed up in Israel because recently this religion has had a lot going around after Jesus Christ's grave was found without a body in it. One of my friends working there has convinced someone to let me in the place of where it was found is called Holy Sepulchre it pretty much is walking distance away so I decided to take a little walk there. It was amazing there I got a bunch of really good pictures and I got to see the grave myself you could feel everyone there just experiencing how big this was for them.

Place where the grave was found...

My walk there had some amazing trees.

The grave site where there are tons of tourist and christians.

Day 4

My plane landed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia today where islam originated and my travel buddy told me we need to go there early in the morning. I took a bus with my buddy Steve and he was right about getting there early it was a lot less crazy then what it looked like still hundreds of people. someone told me that this place was extremely important because this is where the founder was born his name was Muhamed. It was a amazing place it was considered the center of the world and people where praying for hours it was a extremely holy place. Had a really fun day got 16 hours of sleep and starting to feel refreshed for the next trip.

This is what mecca looked like pretty impressize am i right?

Nice little coffee I had this morning.

Day 5

Today is my final day of this amazing trip and I am ending it off right by going to Isreal for judaism I feel likes its gona be a very big day. So I took a nice bus all the way to where abraham was born the found of the religion. You could seriously feel the holiness there it felt like and truly perfect place to just come and relax your mind there. People where praying I saw tears i've never seen before it was a truly amazing place. It has been the greatest 5 days of my entire life enjoyed this adventure and ended it off with a good note.

A bunch of good little pictures I got...


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