New England colonies "Brand new and for you!" Ender K.


This colony was founded for the pure people of god to perfect their culture and religion. And in other places they have people from all around so they can be free in their beliefs.

THE GEOGRAPHY [climate, land, natural resources,etc.]

Not really the nice hot beaches but good enough. Really rocky soil, and a very long winter. That makes a short growing season. but the good thing is these colonies have clean water, and lots of natural resources.

THE ECONOMY [ways people made $$$]

Here are some ways you can make money in New England. There are many trees here so you can either do lumbering, or ship building. The seas are filled with life, so there are options like fishing and whaling.

Join the puritan colonies !

Also I recommend going to the puritan colonies, their strict but god is on their side. They will give a house on a hill so god can see you in your practices.


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