My Career small business owner

Who do I want to work for?

I would like to work for myself and be the owner of my own business. That is my dream plan at least. I would not mind working for a small business while I am getting my business degree. The exposure is very helpful for my future and since I have been working for Urban Minx, a local small business, and have already developed and learned new skills. If I were to continue my work at a small business I would want to work in a boutique. Any small business where I can explore and be exposed to my passions in depth would be ideal.

This is me, working one of my shifts at Urban Minx.

What is the company I work for? is my job title? job description? salary? requirements to get this job? is my degree/background to make this job a reality?

My dream job title would be a Business owner as well as Manager of my successful business. I will oversee the finances, purchasing merchandise, planning, and marketing. The salary for this job however does vary based on what kind of business one owns. I searched for how much a successful business owner of a clothing store would make. It is averaged at $33,000 per year. To start a business, you technically don’t need any college requirements, but I am choosing to attend because the more knowledge you have about business matters, the more prepared you will be for whatever happens. With the business degree, I plan on getting at my 2-year college, this job can become a reality for me. I was talking to the lady who was giving me a tour of the campus of the college I will attend, and she said that everyone who graduates ends up with a job. I plan on getting a great job that will expose me to the kind of business I want to strive for.

This is how I would decorate my business, if I owned one right now.

Where am I working? did I learn the necessary skills?

I plan on opening my business in a place that I have never been before. I will not move back to Oregon, or stay in Utah. I will go out of my comfort zone and go to a place where my business is practical and successful hopefully, I am thinking maybe San Francisco or L.A. I hope that I can be out and about for my job, and not always behind a desk doing paper work. I understand that having a business varies in the tasks the manager will be doing, but I want to be in a place where I can strive and meet new people. I think that I will obtain the basic skills between my high school block class, CSB, and my college experience at a Business focused school.

This is where I would like to end up, San Francisco or L.A.

When does the company hire? did I gather the necessary skills to get this job?

Before I can own a business, I will have a job at another business. I will graduate my two-year college in one year if I stay through the off semesters. I might get homesick, but It will be nice to move on from that college so I can thrive at a college I would rather be at. So, I am planning on graduating at the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019. After that, I will get a business oriented job. I am not sure for what company because there are many small businesses in Salt Lake City. I will have gathered the necessary skills and knowledge about the job I will eventually have.

Why does this career interest me? am I the obvious choice?

Business is such a fun atmosphere to be included in. Making new connections and meeting people is just a small aspect of this experience. Getting to show case your creativity and good ideas for the world to enjoy is such a thrilling thing. You get to decide what you want to do with an open mind, and your barley have any limits. Well along as it fits into your budget. When I find something that I am creatively passionate about, it’s obvious. I will spend so much time working on it until I feel I have succeeded. A feeling of accomplishment has always been hard for me to feel, but when I am passionate about a project, I will finish it and feel accomplished. I think that is very noticeable about me and potential employers will see that as a good thing. That might make me a better choice for a desired job I apply for in the future. By showing your employers that you are serious and passionate about that specific line of work, you will become a much better choice. I think that the creative energy I have for business is noticeable and will help me get a job I so desire in the future.

How does one get a job in this industry (process)?

I am certain there are no requirements to get a business/entrepreneur job or to start your own business, you just need to have determination and hope that you can be successful. You can either get a job by starting your own small business, or getting a job at a small business. You do have to believe in yourself and have confidence that you can be successful with your business! I have been running my own little (hardly) a business, but it's still a start! I go on lots of paid photo shoots and was accountable for giving people back their pictures in a reasonable time frame. Here are a few pictures of me on some photo shoots, paid and unpaid. I have also been working on a website, just little things to get me prepared for the future!

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