School Curriculum By: Alex steffey

Modern Day Schooling

Like the old saying, if you try to teach a fish to climb a tree, it'll spend its entire life believing it’s stupid. Students can relate to the fish and how common core is trying to teach them something that is irrelevant to their skill set. Yes, they are raising students to achieve success and to be able to get a job to live a stable lifestyle, but there are many different ways to go about doing so that they are ignoring and many things students graduate without any knowledge how to do. Most of society believes schools should let the upperclassmen students shape the curriculum to benefit them, but others fail to realize and argue that modern standardized education is successful the way it is.

How it all started

Standardized School Curriculum was first nation-widely developed in the 1950's by the National Defense Education Act of 1958. This set a nation wide standard on that all school will further educate children with a certain amount of science and math. This was developed because at the time The United States was at a space race with the Soviet Union, and when the soviet union won the space race, America put the blame on that kids were not getting a proper education in science and math.

Just Focusing on The Big Picture

School curriculum is limiting students and almost making us an almost equal force working towards the same goal when others goals can be very different than their goals. Instead of an overall common work focus for upperclassmen high school students, they should be able to work to their own ability and work towards our focus after high school. “A progressive educator John Dewey, the father of American education, argued that a standardized curriculum is necessary so that one student cannot become superior to another”

Complaining but No Action

Many students, parents and sometimes teacher often argue about the ineffective ways the school system is educating kids but no one ever takes action to this. They will spend thirteen years , five days a week for seven hours per day at a government institution whose purpose is to educate him/her with state-approved ideas and values, regardless of whether their parents or themselves approve of those ideas and values or not. Since these kids are taught to have voice in what they learn, they drift through their whole school career without any input on why and what they are learning. “Although most parents embrace the responsibility of feeding their children and wouldn't dream of letting the government dictate what will be put in their children's bodies, they relinquish the responsibility of educating their children and permit the government to dictate what will be put in their children's minds” If parents are the main voice of a child and young adult to the age of 18 and dictate the important things in life, they should care the quality of education that their kids are receiving.

Focused on the Wrong Ideas

Instead of another year of standard school curriculum for these upperclassmen students their learning should be more career focused and teaching these upcoming young adults important life information so they aren't thrown out into the real world completely and utterly clueless. Gov. Mark Wagner of Virginia, made the announcement, "In the knowledge-based economy of the future, all good jobs will require education, skill, and training that goes beyond high school but high school students, particularly seniors, increasingly report that they have checked out of school long before the last bell rings" If the curriculum was more career focused more students would be engaged in there education

Quality of Education or Quality of life?

Others would disagree with all of my reasoning and say it is not the quality of education that is the problem with the lack of education but more of the quality of life that they are given at home. They argue that media brainwashes these kids by promoting popular ideas and morals that are often morally wrong in society but often accepted in today's society. But this technology has more advantages than drawbacks. Technology can: create diversity in learning styles, access to learn and collaborate with several other students at the same time, betters them to become more skilled in technology as the world pushes towards a future that is more technology based, and helps students stay more engaged.

The Solution

Students and parents need to stand up for the quality of education that is being given in America as of today. Schools are lacking in how and what the teach. Students are not just a statistic on a piece on a piece of paper, some students learn different than others and have different outlooks or opinions on many things. Many schools nation wide has addressed the technology issue and go on about it fairly well. From doing homework, classwork and learning all on the computer, they have found out that students learn better when in a more comfortable environment for them. As time goes on students are changing in the way the learn and think , and with this, high school curriculum should adapt to the students instead of students adapting to the system. Upper class-men high school students should have more of a say so in how and what they learn. More career based classes and classes that teach how to day to day life functions and purchases such as loans, taxes, etc.such as should be introduced.

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