Graduation Assembly City Garden May 18, 2018

It is a tradition at City Garden to hold a Graduation Assembly, the morning after 8th Grade Graduation, to let the student body celebrate all 8th grade and Primary students graduating. On May 18, we gathered in the gym for performances and recognitions.

While waiting for other classes to gather, it was clearly Photo Time:

Everyone in P1 insisted on personal photos.
Theo had a little mishap on the way to his seat with P2.
The 8th grade graduates looking very enthused.
7th graders goofing off. Kindergartens arriving and wanting photos.
Really not sure about Ms. Shannon's pre-performance instructions...
Spotting big sister arriving.
Entertaining themselves until, finally, Dr. Evans gets the program started.

Primary 1 performed their songs for Graduation first.

Their second song came with some serious dancing.

Primary 1 finished with a sweet song and waving goodbye one-by-one.

Primary 2 performed their Graduation songs next, with gestures.

George Sumners gave an encore performance of his graduation speech.

Jace was a little restless. Ms. Anderson was less than thrilled about being caught tearing up.

The 7th graders also gave an encore of their graduation performance for the students.

We concluded with a presentation of the Class of 2018.

Great job and congrats 8th grade and Primary graduates!



Photos by Amber Norris

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