DreamScape Reality Experience games within a dream!

The New Reality Start-Up Headband!

Reality Start-Up! An advancement to the Gaming World!

Have you ever wanted to experience a game within a dream? Millions of people have access to games all around the world, but sometimes that just isn't enough! All around kids cannot play their games due to the fact that they have to go to sleep early because of school, but what if there was a way to overpass that obstacle! This new device known as Reality Start-Up allows you to play games while you are asleep! Now how awesome is that? This device starts a game in your mind and it feels so real that you will be left in awe. Why get a VR headset when you can have a device that can pretty much control your dreams? Is your game time being swept away by parents? Get this device now and all of your problems will be solved!

The Reality Start-Up is destined to be sold closer to rural areas so that they may experience the fun that these devices hold, but they will also be sold in urban areas as well! Don't miss out!

Imagine the excitement that many will face as they are allowed to play some of their favorite games as they sleep. Wouldn't that be amazing? When people first encounter our company we want them to feel as though this device will take them on an adventure that will leave them in awe! These photos shown are just a few of the games or scenes that you can experience using the Reality Start-Up. Will you join in on the adventure or will you get left behind to lead a normal life?

Not only will this device allow you to play games in your mind, but it will also allow you to feast upon the beauties of nature that not many people have the privilege of viewing! Why go to Yellowstone Nation Park or Niagara Falls when you can just stay at home and view them in your dreams? Wouldn't that be amazing? Not everyone has the income to travel the world and visit every beautiful thing there is to see, so why not just buy this headband? It isn't as expensive as a trip to Europe and you are pretty much immortal inside of its images or scenes! You can view the natural wonders of the world just within your mind by wearing the Reality Start-Up, so you know what you need to buy!

As you have seen in the beginning of the website, there is a photo of a bright, beautiful sun. That sun is what we use to show the main image that are company is trying to portray. To us, the sun is a symbol that shows a new day with new possibilities, and with each possibility discovered a new sense of freedom is gained. That is what we are trying to portray! Freedom! Freedom is what everyone in this beautiful world strives for and the Reality Start-Up can allow you to achieve just that. This beautiful world inside your mind is one that you control and no one else can control you! If you really strive for a sense of freedom then try Reality Start-Up and you will be on your first step to actually achieving it.

Slogan: Explore your own mind!

The Reality Start-Up is new, but soon it will be wanted by everyone in the world! Don't miss out the opportunity to acquire a device that could make a drastic change in our current world! If you want fun and adventure, then buying this device is your first step to achieving it!

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