Dear Mr.Larry

Dear Mr.Larry,

Hey its Jeanne, Im at the camp it is very different here then in the past you pray to God hoping the bell wont ring..............

The bells are there for good and bad reasons but mostly for bad. Most of the time if the bell is ringing we all come together and have a meeting and some people get killed. Some times the bell rings when they give us food. Its a huge difference to be back here, in a good way I wanted to get out then I realized it was good for me. My family is with me but they hate the camp, i feel bad for them coming with me. Many of the soldiers come in my barracks and I have to yell a them and argue with them. If you tell the soldiers "yes yes" then you will be drafted into the military. Also if you tell them "no no" then you will be send back to japan.

Coming to this camp has tore my Family apart and it all my fault. I hate that my family is in this. I need help I cant lose my family . My family is my everything. I wake up every day asking my self why did i have my family come into this.

Do you remember the time we had together ridding bikes and getting ice cream, at our shop down town. The ice Cream man already new what kid of ice cream we wanted. I miss thoes days that we had together but I wish u best of luck and thank you for everything you have done with me!

Your dearest of friend,



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