Top Ten Cities I want to go in the United States

#10- Hershey, Pensylvania

I would like to visit Hershey Park if I were to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania. I would also like to rent a 3-4 star hotel for $100.

#9 New Orleans, Louisiana

I would like to go to some of their late night festivals in the summer time. I would also like to stay at a nice 5 star hotel for $200.

#8 San Antonio, Texas

If I were to go to San Antonio I would like to enjoy to go on one of their river walks. You could go there with your whole family and have tons of fun.

#7 Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Alaska is a beautiful place for you and your family to go and enjoy it. It would also be nice to go there and try one of their bed and breakfast.

#6 Honolulu, Hawii

Honolulu is a great place to go and enjoy the view of the ocean. There are many activities that you can do. You can do water and land activities.

#5 Denver, Colorado

Denver would be a perfect spot to go on vacation. If there are young people in your family that is perfect, then you could got to some of their zoos or

#4 New York City

I would like to visit Time Square. New York is famous for a lot of different places but one of the biggest and my favorites is Time Square.

#3 Orlando Flordia

Orlando Flordia is the perfect place to go to for a vacation. It is home of the Magic Kingdom and contains places like Disney World.

#2 Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas is a pretty cool place there are a lot of different restaurant and places to go and have fun with your family. Also if you are old enough you and your friends could go have fun and gamble.

#1 Los Angeles California

Los Angeles is a pretty popular place.There are many places that you can visit when you are there some examples are Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Bowl and the Walk-of-Fame.


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