1,2,3... Go USU student grace graham spent her summer working on the Ula MArs2020 launch

Grace spent every day of her internship working with the booster in some capacity. Here she is pictured in the passenger seat while the booster is being transported.

Grace and a group of interns came up with a piece of mission-critical hardware that was used on the launch. Here she is pictured after giving a presentation to NASA and the ULA.

"My first day was also the Mars2020 booster's first day in Cape Canaveral," said Graham.

Graham was also given the privilege of saying "Go!" on one of the launch countdowns for the launch of the Mars2020 booster.

Graham finished up the ULA internship and has another internship lined up for Summer 2021 working on marketing and client relationships for ABL Space Systems.


Created with an image by NASA - "untitled image"