The School Newsletter Week 9, Term 4 2019

What's Coming Up

Wednesday 11 December: 200 nights book party

Thursday 12 December: The annual end-of-year awards ceremony will take place beginning at 1.30pm in the school hall. Parents and other family members are welcome to join us.

Thursday 12 December: 'Carols By The Sea' from 4.30pm

Friday 13 December: School Swimming Carnival @ Swansea Pool , Years 1 - 6 only.

Tuesday 17 December: End of Year Mass & Graduation

Wednesday 18 December: Last day for students. 'Clap out' at 2.30pm

From the Acting Principal

Recently I attended the Stage 3 camp at Point Woolstencroft. One of challenging activities we undertook was sailing. It was an unfamiliar activity. Success required organisation, persistence and the ability to work together. As a member of a team it is fascinating to see the dynamics of a group shift as the challenge becomes greater. On this particular afternoon, we were met with buffeting winds and I began to wonder if I would experience the often displayed attitude of ‘this is too hard, let’s give in’. . Not today. I was overjoyed to see our children rise to the challenge and literally adjust their tack and harness the wind to continue our way.

As I reflect on situations like this, I think about the value of ensuring we give our children opportunities to be challenged, to experience pressure and to sometimes fail. This is all part of their journey, as it was part of our own journeys. This is how we grew, and this is how they will grow.

Our greatest and most challenging role as parents is to eventually make ourselves redundant. No, not redundant today or tomorrow but letting them experience uncomfortable moments, allowing them to own and learn from their mistakes is all part of this training. It is as easy and as difficult as that!

As 2019 draws closer to its finale we have many opportunities to gather and appreciate the connection we have within our St Patrick’s community. We are a community who strives to make the best decisions for all families. We are a community built on hard work, open communication and genuine care for the development of our children. We are a community who accepts.

This Thursday we have two opportunities to celebrate and acknowledge children and each other. Thank you to all families and staff involved. We hope to see you at the Presentation Assembly and Carols by the Sea.

Ben McCarthy

This Week's PBL

From The REC

As we draw near to the end of the school year I would like to take a moment to thank you for supporting your child in their education and faith journey. I would also like to thank our amazing and dedicated teachers and support staff who work tirelessly to provide a school environment that is happy and safe and where the education is of high quality. Thanks to everyone who has participated in our liturgies, especially our students who engage well in Mass and celebrations with respect and reverence. I wish you a Happy and Holy Christmas. As we travel near and far we ask God to keep us all safe.

First Reconciliation

We pray for our students who are receiving the Sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation – Donavon, Annabelle, Harrison, Jack, Arielle, Jye, Samuel and Flynn.

Dates and times for Reconciliation:

  • 6.30pm Wednesday 11th December at St Francis Xavier, Belmont
  • 3.45pm Monday 16th December at St Patrick's, Swansea

Christmas Mass Times for our Parish

Christmas Eve

  • Swansea 6pm
  • Belmont 6pm
  • Windale 7.30pm

Christmas Day

  • Swansea 7.30am
  • Windale 7.45am
  • Belmont 9.15am

Advent Prayer

Yesterday we lit the our second candle in the Advent Wreath. The second candle is known as the Bethlehem Candle or The Candle of Preparation – God kept his promise of a Savior who would be born in Bethlehem. Preparation means to “get ready”. Help us to be ready to welcome YOU, O GOD! “

In your coming, Lord, may our hearts be open, so that we may be filled with peace.

May our minds be open, so that we may know your will.

May our eyes be open, so that, in others, we may see your light.

And may our lives be open, so that you may come to us and fill us with hope and joy.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Advent & Gifts of Love Liturgy

Last week Years 2 and 4 prepared our Advent and Gifts of Love liturgy. Our students brought forward baskets full of gifts for people in our local area that are in need of support. Mary Ryan from the St. Vincent de Paul Swansea Chapter thanked us and spoke to us about how the gifts will bring joy to many this Christmas.

THANK YOU for your Generosity!

Advent and Christmas Craft Activities for the family

The Catholic Family site has great activities families can do together in preparation for Christmas and during the holiday season.

It also explains the times of the year. https://cathfamily.org/tag/advent-wreath/ https://cathfamily.org/gingerbread-nativity-2/

Leanne Hyland

A Word From the P&F

Remember that this Thursday is the Carols By the Sea from 4.30pm - 7.00pm in the school grounds. The P&F hope to see as many students, siblings, parents, carers, grandparents as possible, so that this can become a tradition at the school.

The students will be performing all your favourite carols. Bring a chair and let’s enjoy the Christmas spirit together.

St Patrick's P&F

You Can Do It

During this term, our “You Can Do It” focus at St Patrick’s is on developing our students’ capacity to be persistent. Discuss Habits of Mind (ways of thinking) that will help your child to develop persistence, e.g. In discussing with your child his/her approach to a subject he/she finds to be difficult and boring, say: “You know, it’s easy to think that things you do at school should always be fun and exciting and, when they are not, you shouldn’t have to do them. At times when you have frustrating work to do, rather than thinking ‘I can’t be bothered,’ a more helpful way of thinking that helps you get through the work quickly and get it over is “To be successful, I sometimes have to do things I don’t feel like doing. No gain, no pain.” (“Working Tough” thinking).

Swimming Carnival

All students from Years 1 to 6 will compete at this year’s annual school swimming carnival this Friday 13th December at Swansea Swimming Centre, from 9.30am to 2.00pm. Each child will need to bring their towel, goggles, sunscreen, food and drink. The canteen will be available for snacks but no hot food is available. The students will need to wear their sport uniform and they may substitute the school polo shirt for a shirt in their hose colour, if desired. Transport will be by bus to and from the venue. Please ensure that your child arrives at school by 9.00am.

Each child may swim in only one distance for each event, e.g. either 25m breaststroke or 50m breaststroke, but not both distances. However, the 100m freestyle event is open to those who enter the 50m freestyle event only. Please see the order of events below and note that there are separate events for the 11 years age group. The students will be given a wristband on the day and the teachers will record the age of the child (in 2020) on their wristband.

A reminder that under no circumstances is a parent to approach the marshal, chief timekeeper or recorders during the carnival. If you have any concerns please speak to Mrs Ogden. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to assist on the day. Please report to the marshalling area when you arrive so that we can start the day promptly.

Whenever we run an off-site activity such as the swimming carnival, we are required to assess the risks associated with the activity. If you would like a copy of the risk assessment that covers travel to and from the pool, child protection, first aid and water activities, please contact the School Office

Order of Events 2019 (for 2020)

  1. 100m freestyle (all age)
  2. 25m freestyle jnr/snr
  3. 25m breaststroke jnr/snr
  4. 50m freestyle 8yrs
  5. 50m freestyle 9yrs
  6. 50m freestyle 10yrs
  7. 50m freestyle 11yrs
  8. 50m freestyle 12yrs
  9. 50m freestyle 13yrs
  10. 50m breaststroke jnr (8,9,10)
  11. 50m breaststroke 11yrs
  12. 50m breaststroke snr (12,13)
  13. 50m backstroke jnr (8,9,10)
  14. 50m backstroke 11 yrs
  15. 50m backstroke snr (12,13)
  16. 50m butterfly jnr (8,9,10)
  17. 50m butterfly 11yrs
  18. 50m butterfly snr (12, 13)
  19. 25m backstroke jnr/snr
  20. 25m butterfly jnr/snr
  21. 200m medley jnr (8-10)
  22. 200m medley snr (11-13)
  23. Student relays

School Reports

Last Friday the Semester 2 reports were published to Compass. The instructions below are for accessing reports using a PC.

If your child is leaving St Patrick’s at the end of this year, you will no longer have access to their school reports through Compass in 2020. In the near future, you will have access to your children’s reports after they leave St Patrick’s, but for now you are advised to print the reports.

Instructions on how to access reports

With the username and password provided earlier this year, log into the Compass Parent Portal https://swansea-nsw.compass.education/ . If you have forgotten your username or password, or believe you have not been issued with one, contact the school office for details.

On the home page, under each of your children, there is a link to ‘View Academic Reports’. Click on this link. It will open a list of all school reports. The latest report will be listed on top. ‘2019 – Semester Two. Clicking on this link will open a PDF version of the report for you to view, download or print.

In order to access this page from your mobile App version. Click on the three lines located on the top left hand side of the app home page and then select the option to ‘Open in Browser’ .

Carols by The Sea This Thursday

This Thursday 12th of December the P&F have organised a ‘Carols by the Sea’ at the school from 4.30pm-7.00pm. - This will be an opportunity for the school community to get together and celebrate the upcoming Christmas season.

Thank you Woolworths and Modern Teaching Aids

Last Wednesday we collected three large boxes of goodies from Woolworths Swansea. These goodies were the prizes that we received from the Woolworths "Earn and Learn" promotion. Thank you Woolworths and Modern Teaching Aids. Thanks also to everybody who supported the promotion by sending us your stickers.

Results of the ICAS Writing Competition

Recently, seven students entered the University of NSW ICAS Writing Competition. We are very proud of these students for the results that they have achieved:

  • Participation award: Layla W, Emma W, Dylan W, Charlotte C, Kate E and Thomas M.
  • Credit: Victoria O (top 15% of Year 6 participants).

These students were presented with their certificates at last Friday’s assembly.

Gifts of Love

The members of the St Vincent de Paul Society, Swansea Conference, thank most sincerely the Staff of St Patrick’s Primary School, the students and their parents for the generous donations of Christmas food and toys which were presented to the Conference during last weeks beautiful Liturgy. Special thanks to Mrs Hyland and the Mini Vinnies Team for organising the Gifts of Love collection.

The donated items are now being distributed to the people in our area who are in such great need and we thank you all on their behalf.

We wish you a Happy, Holy and safe Christmas.

Envision Hands

Thank you to everybody that has collected bottle top lids for the Envision Hands Project. We have now handed in our bottle top lids. The Envision Hands Project has received millions of bottle top lids from all around Australia and will be able to provide more 3D printed hands than they originally planned. That also means that millions of lids are not sitting as landfill. Thanks again to everyone that contributed.

Kate Erby

Congratulations Charlotte

Last Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending "First Draft", a celebration of the work of 16 talented scriptwriters from the schools in our Diocese. Throughout this year, these students have attended a program of workshops at which they have honed their scriptwriting skills. Each of the students selected one of their scripts to be performed to an audience of family members, teachers and staff from the catholic Schools Office. Charlotte (Year 6) was one of the scriptwriters whose work was showcased. Her script - 'Fake Boss' - is a tale of mistaken identity and embezzlement as a determined detective investigates the framing of her brother. Charlotte's script was funny and entertaining, and the audience clearly enjoyed seeing her script come to life. Congratulations Charlotte, and thank you for a most enjoyable evening.

Peter Green.


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