Cuban Hutia By edgar santos

The Cuban Hutia is in the rodent family. The Cuban Hutia are the biggest species of Hutia and largest endemic terrestrial mammals of Cuba.

In captivity the Cuban Hutia has a lifespan of 8 through 11 years. The Cuban Hutia breeds year around their gestation period is 110 days through 140 days. Females give birth twice a year to litter of one trough six.

The Cuban Hutias live in pairs and are very shy but at time they form loosely associated groups. The Cuban Hutias lives in the treetops but can also be found living in holes in trees and rock crevices.

The Cuban Hutia is really social with its own species but with other species/ animals they are shy. Hutias love to wrestle/ groom each other. To keep track of their species Hutias smell each others urine tracks its a common form of communication.

The Cuban Hutias are a protected species under the 1968 Cuban Wild Animals Protection Act. That Act made it illegal to hunt or kill Hutias without a permit.


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