Text is Art Cynthia lee

Dove and frog thumbnails
Axolotl thumbnails
Rough work of dove and frog designs
Final piece

Text is Art- Rationale

The subject I used for my Text is Art assignment is a dove, but considering the fact that the word "dove" does not have enough letters to produce an appropriately sized piece, I decided instead to use the scientific name; Columbidae. My original ideas also included a frog and an axolotl, I almost used the scientific name for the frog, being "Anura". In the end I was caught between Anura and Columbidae, and because of my love for birds, the dove won out in the end. I used two o's and one capital A for the bird's head, and one stretched out O for the bulk of the body, b's, u's, and i's for the wings and feathers. Two L's made the legs while six c's made the claws of the bird's feet. The tail feathers are made up of m's, b's, and e's. The whole bird was coloured white except for its beak and feet.

My main design issues comprised of trying to decide which letters wold look best as which part of the dove. The main letters I had the most issue with had to be both the B and the E. Due to the relatively ramrod straight posture of the dove and only giving way for few curves in the head and wings, the straight backs of both the capital B and E would be easy to work with had it not been for the curves and edges the two letters possess. Unfortunately the only areas of the dive I had left to work with were negative space, so I had to use these letters to fill up missing details instead of using them for the actual anatomy of the dove like I did for the other letters.

I believe what I enjoyed most about the piece or what I thought was the coolest part, was choosing the colours. It most certainly was not the hardest part or the most awe inspiring, however I thought the colours were what really made the bird look like a dove instead of just any other bird, and what made it look unique compared to black and white. I believe the colours are what finished the piece and what gave it its visual appeal.

The assignment provided a skill I was already developing myself; managing and using a limited amount of space with limited subject matter. As someone who will hopefully find themselves in a world of art after post-secondary, it is absolutely vital I understand how to effectively use up space. An image that is too cluttered in one area and too loose in another is not visually appealing, and I am striving to continuously produce effective images that take up the page in an attractive manner.


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