Go Kart Project Drew koski

Problem statement- we need to design, build, and test a drill powered go kart with a budget of $25 and the materials we are given in the 2 marking periods of time allotted.


This is a picture of the Go Kart where we got some ideas for the frame and steeringhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk5KfLwXGnk
This is a picture of how we might use the drill for having our kart go forwards and backwardshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBSdB2mgcY0


This is the design of what we want our base to be and how the drill will work in the back of the kart.
Again this is a zoomed in picture of our design for the drill in the back to power the kart forward with the back tires.
This will be at the end of the front of the base to allow the front axis to slip in the cut piece of wood allowing for the axis to turn for the steering and for stability.
This is the first design we had for the whole of the kart sine then we have made some changes and some more detailed sketches.

Link to document containing photos and information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uxfT9QaSWi1q-FOgAk17naM7tjk6VTFtwSCGWHpa_4c/edit?usp=sharing

full view of our base go kart design completed with the seat
All parts of the Kart individually with measurements and angles
our brake design, lever design that will rub up against the tire and slow it down through friction (will go on side of the kart)
Our seat Onshape design after our board designs
Whole Onshape Kart design (base, seat, wheels, brake)
Downloading our pdf Onshape file to vcarve and printing out our pieces of the frame for the kart
Our cut out piece for the frame
Alex using a rubber hammer and mallet to hammer out the piece
Finding the center point of the wood cutout so it can be attached to our large frame piece and be able to turn and rotate
The connected pieces of our large middle piece frame and our front axis
front and back axes connected to the middle frame (completed frame)
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Drew Koski

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