Opening of the Empire state may,1 1931 By:Alex Eisnehart

The empire state building was built on may,1 1931

The lobby of the Empire state building took longer to build and design then the whole building.
The empire state building is 1,250 feet high
The sarrett Bros built the the empire state builfing
The building has 103 floors. the 103 floor is only for celebrities.
The building cost over 40 million dollars.
The building was being constructed during the race to the tallest building in the world.
Many are surprised that it is still open at 2 in the morning.
The empire state building had 12 different owners
Thanks for watching i hope you learned something new about the empire state building.


Created with images by Ian....See - "The Empire State Building" • Unsplash - "empire state building new york city skyscraper" • dzhingarov - "Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York, USA" • Anthony Quintano - "Sunrise behind the Empire State Building in New York City" • jurvetson - "Empire State Building Looming Large" • paulaloe - "Green on the Empire State Building" • Lisa Bettany {Mostly Lisa} - "Empire State Building LED live election results Obama Romney Spire Close-up" • Meetusinghal - "Empire state building from Rockfeller dock NYC" • Ian....See - "The Empire State Building" • Yuya Sekiguchi - "エンパイアーステートビルヂング Empire State Building" • edenpictures - "Blue Empire State Building"

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