The Puma Press October 2017

Newsletter Team!

Great News! Asa Packer has a new newsletter team this year! We are 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, working with Miss Murphy and Mr. Horvath, and we will work hard to bring you an awesome newsletter every month - because we love to write! The articles will be about everything that is going on at Asa Packer. Our writers are Abrielle B., Lauren F., Lillie N., Addison W., Gianna B., Leyna J., Nurbanu C., Rebecca D., Brady F., Addison G., Blake J., Mckinzie L., and Ella S. We hope you are just as excited as we for the newsletter. Thank you for reading The Puma Press! By: Leyna J and Lauren F.

Pinwheels for Peace is an activity the entire Bethlehem Area School District participates in! It is an activity that promotes peace around the world on September 21st. Ms. Birster used some of her time to talk about Pinwheels for Peace in guidance lessons. Some concepts we talked about were: getting along, feeling happy, knowing you’re safe, friendship, and family. Guidance lessons in Kindergarten through 5th grade, were focused around the book What Does Peace Feel Like? by : V. Radynsky. Kindergarten and 1st grade drew pictures of what peace feels like, while 2nd-5th grades completed a writing assignment about it. Every student and teacher participated! On September 20th, Asa Packer participated in “Whirled Peace Day.” In our classrooms, we colored a piece of paper on both sides, cut the dotted lines, folded them, and pinned them onto a pencil to make a pinwheel. Our classes went out in front of the school to "plant" them, so they could spin all day. We asked many students and staff what peace meant to them. Some of the things they said included, “Peace is like...pizza. Peace is a cool breeze. Peace is using your manners. Peace is quiet. Peace is reading a good book. Peace is following No Place for Hate rules." Thanks to all of Asa Packer’s wonderful staff and students! Everyone now knows what peace should be like. Remember to act and think each day with peace in mind! By: Addison W. and Lillie N.
Walk-a-Thon 2017

Asa Packer’s yearly Walk-a-Thon was held on September 22nd this year. It’s a fun day filled with walking or running with friends and even your teachers! The Walk-a-Thon is good exercise for everyone. During the event, each student gets a little card that gets marked by a parent volunteer for each lap you complete. Students walk to earn money for our school to buy things like Chromebooks, library books, and to go on field trips. The total laps walked this year was 4,421 which is equal to 1105.25 miles! Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for your time and donations. We loved the Walk-a-Thon, and we are looking forward for another great one next year! By: Nurbanu C. and Rebecca D.

Have you heard about makerspaces? Makerspaces are a fun way for kids to learn. Ms. Mertz, our librarian, said last year she started thinking about fun activities for students to complete in the library. She decided that adding a makerspace would be perfect! Activities can be things like electronics, Ozobots, robots, and more! In the library, Ms. Mertz thinks of fun ways for kids to interact, collaborate, and solve problems. “I get ideas from online library sources and kids!,” Ms. Mertz said. This past month, she included sticks in the makerspace to make stick animals, in preparation for author Tom Watson’s visit on Friday, October 6th. One of his popular book series is “Stick Dog,” which is about a stick figure dog he created. We cannot wait to see what other fun activities will be in the space soon! By: Ella S.
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