Welcome to the Twin Lakes Library! "Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are" - Mason Cooley

We are starting curbside checkout! Browse the Twin Lakes Destiny Discover catalog and reserve your books! You can also start of list of books you'd like to get later. Be sure to pick your profile picture while you're there! Don't know what you want? Fill out the Library Request Form and I'll pick some books for you! You will receive an e-mail in your student account when your books are ready for pick-up! Please make sure that your parents are willing to come pick up books before you reserve them.

Mrs. Clarke (amy.clarke@sanjuan.edu)

We have access to MyOn books through the end of this year! MyOn is a great resource with over 6,000 books online. To take advantage of this, click here. The school name is Read at Home (that should automatically fill in for you). Username is readnow and password is myon. Happy Reading!

Read a good book lately? Share it here! I'll post some of them as they come in!

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The Sacramento Library

Sacramento Public Library e-resources now available to district students. Thanks to a new partnership with the Sacramento Public Library, every student in San Juan Unified now has access to all of online resources provided by the Sacramento Public Library. Students can easily log in to the Sacramento Public Library website at http://www.saclibrary.org and check out e-books, music, or films and also access other online resources, such as the Gale research databases, homework help and online language classes. In order to access all of these resources and more, students will need to click on "my account" and enter their username and password on the Sacramento Public Library website. For this service, their username is sj------, with their student id number replacing the dashes. Their password is their year of birth in four digits, as listed in their district records. Here is a sample: Username: sj123456 Password: 1943 Please note that this is not the same as your Sj password!

There is a SacLibrary tile in the Portal in the Library Resources folder in your Student Tab. Once logged in, you can download books to Hoopla or Overdrive, or read online from BookFlix or Tumblebooks, which has popular books from preschool to high school.

Fun Links to Explore

Log in to Destiny Discover with your Sj login and explore the Twin Lakes library catalog, see what's popular and even see what you have checked out!

Dav Pilkey at Home is a great place to have fun with your favorite characters from Dog Man and Captain Underpants!

Harper Collins Kids from Home has videos and Read Alouds from lots of your favorite books!

Check out Shelf Stuff on YouTube for all kinds of great fun - audiobooks, read alongs, how to draw your favorite characters, make your own slime, meet the author - lots to keep you busy!

Scholastic Activities for Kids has arts & crafts, math & science, reading & writing.

Lightbox from Junior Library Guild is a great online resource for non-fiction interactive e-books.

KidLitTV is a great place for all things book-related for kids!

Check out Wonderopolis - Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease! Find out how mosquitos help the world, who invented skiing, why do Pop Rocks pop, and much more!


Created with images by Scott Webb - "I thought this seemed like it could be a fun and happy wallpaper for you." • Annie Spratt - "Child reading books" • Road Trip with Raj - "Sometimes we make bad decisions, and you know what? That’s totally ok. What’s more important is how we learn from the consequence of the decision we have made. How we try to fix them and how we try to make smarter decisions next time. This photo dedicates to my best friend. Peihan."