Top 10 Entertainment Apps on iPhone By Evan aldridge



Snapchat is a social media app where you can take pictures, add filters and captions to them, and send them to your contacts. You can also add pictures to your "story", which is viewed by anyone.



iFunny is an app where anyone can upload funny pictures or videos with captions. You can also scroll through the featured section which shows the highest rated memes.



Spotify is an app for listening to music. You can listen to different stations with different genres of music. Or stations with music by certain artists. If you buy a membership, you can download music to listen to offline, you can search for any song to listen to and create playlists.


Egg inc

Egg Inc. is a very addictive game where you hatch chickens and collect eggs. The more eggs you collect, the more money you collect and you can upgrade things to get more money and discover different, fictional kinds of eggs.


Geometry dash

Geometry Dash is an extremely challenging and addicting game. There are 21 different levels that have different mechanics. You can also create your own levels and upload them for others to play.


Music maker jam

With Music Maker Jam, you can create your own music. This app allows you to use hundreds of different instrumental sounds provided to create your own music and upload it for other people to listen to.


Dancing Line

Dancing Line is a game that is very based off of and synced with music. When you play, you tap with the music in a very challenging obstacle course like world. There are 8 different levels and each one gets more and more difficult.


Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very well-known game where you collect cards, make a deck and you battle other, real people. When you win a game, you collect a chest which takes hours to open and chests give you more cards. You also get trophies. Usually around thirty. When you get enough trophies, you can move on to the next arena and unlock new cards to play with.



Netflix is a very popular app where you can watch many different movies and TV shows for not too big of a price. Pretty simple...



Youtube is a website where you can upload your own videos, watch other people's videos and you can "like" and "dislike" videos. You can also comment on them.

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