The Man in This Poem an adaption of the woman in this poem by bronwen wallace


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The Woman in this Poem tells a story about a woman that is having an affair and wants to leave her family behind to visit her lover. As she thinks about this idea, she begins to want to stay with her family as well. She is conflicted about what she truly wants: as she is chopping onions for a pot roast and thinking about what she wants out of her life, she leans more towards leaving to go with her lover. She wants to go with her lover because anytime she mentions something about her life now, it has a negative tone to it that proves that she is actually unhappy. At the end of the poem, she starts to think about all the different possibilities of what her life could become and a lot are compromising scenarios, such as sleeping with teenage boys or being found dead in a ditch somewhere. As the poem gets closer to the end, Bronwen Wallace emphasizes that "we want to hate this woman" but at the same time, we have all been this woman at one point in our lives (81). We have all gone through these moments of insecurities and we should not judge this woman so harshly and if we do, we must take a look at ourselves as well.

The Woman in This Poem - Bronwen Wallace

The woman in this poem / Lives in the suburbs / With her husband and two children / Each day she waits for the mail and / Once a week receives it / A letter from her lover / Who lives in another city / Writes of roses warm patches / Of sunlight on his bed / Come to me he pleads



For my creative piece of my project, I decided to look at the marriage that takes place in this poem. Even though the poem is really about us reflecting on ourselves and how we all have insecure thoughts: I couldn’t help but thinking, what about her husband? After all, she is having an affair, and I think when a lot of affairs happen, you must look at the marriage itself. That is why I created the character of the husband and incorporated him into an adaptation of Bronwen Wallace’s poem, "The Man in this Poem". I wanted to make the husband a person who cares for his wife, but at the same time is too lazy to show how much he cares. I wanted to show that the man and the woman in both poems are both selfish and selfless in their own way.


A huge theme in this poem is infidelity. We look at this poem and hate the woman for having an affair. Bronwen Wallace is hinting at the at one point, everyone has been the woman in this poem. How many people have actually been the woman in the poem though, literally? I thought I should look at infidelity statistics to really show that we should not judge the woman in this poem because many people that been in her shoes. Many people have also been on the other side as the man in the poem. Statistically, 41% of married couples admit to infidelity. 57% of men and 54% of women have admitted to committing infidelity during at least one relationship in their life. 36% of men and women admit to having affairs with co-workers. 74% of men and 68% of women admit that they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught. In the woman in this poem, it explains that she is in love with her lover but that is pretty much the only explanation we get as to why she would cheat. According to some, the main reasons why people cheat are: low self-esteem, opportunity, dissatisfaction with their relationship, as an exit strategy to end their relationship, little emotional intimacy with their partner, sex addiction, avoidance of relationship problems, and depression.


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