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Lesson 1: Playground Basics

I think the apps are so popular because some of them are useful in our daily life, or for talking with people, or when you're bored you can use them. They are affordable and can make your life easier.

  • WhatsApp: I use it to stay in contact with my family or my friends.
  • Facebook: i use it to see the news or videos of food.
  • Twitter: I use for the same use as Facebook.
  • Tastemade: I use it to see videos of food because I love to cook.
  • Snapchat: I use it to stay in contact with my friends.
Lesson 2: Naming and Identifiers

Paint Scanner

  • Paintings
  • Artist
  • Scanner
  • An easier way to scan your paintings and make them look presentable.
  • Every artist has the problem of taking a picture to their art.
  • Will post the fotos in a common artist space, and other artist or people will see your painting.

Anxiety App (second idea)

  • For people who normally have anxiety or an impatience mood.
  • It will give you music and games to help you calm down.
  • If you play this will give you points for getting another things.
  • You will increase in levels if you feel better playing it.
Lesson 3: Strings

The apps have an specific range of age, for the Facebook app you need to have an account and it will be downloaded by an adult or a teenager, and other kind of games like, "Frozen Free Fall" it will be for kids because it is from a movie for kids mostly and you need to be 6 years old or more.

"Paint Scanner" its for teenagers and adults, because the kind of art that you can see there can be explicit sometimes so a kid wouldn't like to see that, and the artist development of a person starts mostly when you are like 15 years.

"Anxiety App" can be for different ages because the games and music will be for all ages, although is an app with a weird name it can also help kids with keeping them in a place.

Lesson 4: Hello World!

The apps by UI design:

  • WhatsApp: it can be used for working.
  • Facebook: it can be used for working.
  • Twitter: maybe not used only for that.
  • Tastemade: it's more for fun than work.
  • Snapchat: it is like Tastemade.
Lesson 5: First App

We are going to create an app for people with anxiety, depression and other type of disorders, my idea was the one who stand out, "Anxiety App" but we named it as Helping Buggy:)

The ideas that I have are the following; Give some games to the people who will use our app for them to relax and calm down, and there are more ideas! But we are going to develop them during the creation of the app. This app will help people with problems and will try to relax them when they are feeling uncomfortable or feeling anxious.

Lesson 6: Functions

App Name: Helping Buggy

My App will help people with Anxiety or Depression problems, because we all feel at some point of the day a little bit stress and this app will help you to calm down.

Lesson 7: BoogieBot

My app will use the HealthKit for consulting your health state in the same application, it is useful for you to acknowledge your health and if something goes wrong the application will also let you know.


Lesson 8: Constants and Variables

Tools and Features, we can incorporate the health tool, or the measurement (of your state), also an "Happy Maker" tool that will give you phrases for you to feel more happy or any other kind of things, and for now thats all the tools, but we are going to develop more in the processing of the app.

Lesson 9: Types

They already exist apps for people with anxiety and I just download one named "Pacifica" and its almost like the app i want to create, it has a community chat were you can talk with people of other countries and help each other! I think this app its great because its also "anonymous" and you can talk with others but you will not know who are they unless the give you their info. In the app also you can put some reminders for the app to give you, the only thing i will improve its for telling the app that reminds you every certain time and not only one time in all the day. In the reviews people are so happy that the app help them, i think its what we want to create in our app, that people have the opportunity to express themselves in a way that nobody will make them feel bad or feel more anxious.

Lesson 10: Parameters and Results

Well we will take care that the app will have clarity on its text, and a really comfortable way of telling or asking things, like we want to make sure every user its feeling great and comfortable with the text we use, the words. The deference of the app will be every day and everywhere, it's an app that will not work with internet in terms of uploading your information, but for other things like talking to people you will need the internet.

Lesson 11: Making Decisions

We will make that our app will not have a lot of home screens , maybe it will have like a screen that will ask you if you are ready to take the test of the day, in how you are feeling, because if you are another person that takes the test it will go wrong and the app wouldn't know if you are the person or another one. An appealing icon it is a simple one and ours will be very simple and will make the people feel comfortable. The first time you open it, the app will throw you a little exam for us to know who bad are you feeling each day, we will try to make it very good, for it to be true the answer.

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