Becoming One With Nature at the FLMNH By: Drew Kakareka

Alexxis. Florida Museum of National History. Gainesville. Florida on the Cheap. Medium. January 26, 2017.

ButterFlying with Nature

I liked the butterfly exhibit because it places you directly in their home. There are many, many different types of butterflies all around you everywhere you look. Some flying high, some flying low, and others just hanging out on trees. When you are in there with them you realize how fragile and colorful they are that maybe you wouldn't be able to understand if you were just reading about them or looking at pictures. I think being one with them and living in their world was my favorite part. Seeing them eat and drink and just live their lives next to you was very enjoyable.

Cooking Up Food With Lil Uzi

The cool thing about this exhibit was from the moment you walk in you see just how many common, household items are actually harming our environment. In just one small room there are over 25 items them almost every house has, and it shows how that item is wasting energy by being left plugged in or various other reason. Its very eye opening and can really be a good way to promote change. After being in this room for a short time i realized how much we, as people, are harming our very own environment that we live in every single day.

I'm Not Too Bright But The Apalachee Were

For me personally reading about the Apalachee Tribe really made me realize how much this earth has to offer to us. The way they lived their daily lives using only the resources around them that came directly from the earth opens your eyes. They were so efficient and smart in how they constructed everything from housing, tools, etc. In this world today we are so privileged and have everything so easy. They fished, hunted, built, and everything else with the minimal resources that come straight from the ground.

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