Marching Men By Rich Kids

Ghosts Of Princes In Towers

1978 | Rock

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“Ignoring things won’t make them go away. -- Acting now will be the only way. -- So make yourself heard, don’t turn your back. -- Or soon you’ll the be one under attack."


  • Rich Kids were a new wave band from London, founded in 1977 by Glen Matlock following his departure from Sex Pistols.
  • The band also included future Ultravox members Midge Ure and Rusty Egan, who both later founded Visage together.
  • Marching Men was the bands second single of three.


Luke Tatum

You know why songs, television shows, documentaries, movies, and other forms of entertainment use audio samples of armies marching? It's iconic. There is no question what is being implied, just with that one sound. After a few steps, images of armies start forming in your mind. Depending on your personal experiences, you may think of a certain historical time-frame as well. For many, Hitler is the first thing that comes to mind. But by this point, you know how absurd it is to think that only Hitler was an evil dictator who used his army to commit atrocities. The United States. China. Russia. Ukraine. Cambodia. Venezuela. The list goes on. All this to say, the song is spot on. No one should want to hear the sound of boots marching. It should inspire gut-wrenching terror, whether it's the Nazis or the militarized police force of the United States.

Sherry Voluntary

I remember when Alex Jones was deplatformed from all of the big social media platforms and his podcast removed from major podcast platforms. I remember how some people just blew it off as, “well it’s Alex Jones, and he is a bit cooky, so meh.” Then, I remember how some time later Liberty Memes, Police the Police, The Free Thought Project, and a host of others were then removed in one fell swoop and a lot of those same people were appalled at the event. This is a good lesson for all of us to take note of. If we don’t stand up for what’s right regardless of our personal opinions about a person, then we give power over to those who want to suppress those they disagree with and that can offer an alternative point of view to the mainstream media, regardless of our feelings about them personally. Little transgressions turn to big ones when people will ignore what is happening because they don’t like who it’s happening to.

Nicky P

Hoo boy. If this song doesn't feel prescient. A song about watching fascism rise up around you. No, no, no this isn't a trump bashing peice. Not that he helps with his cop worship but the problem goes much further back than that. I think the interesting thing is, the way this song saw the impending militarization of society. It's similar in some ways to what they envisioned. There's an army in the streets for sure but the way wars are fought now is changed so drastically that Marching Men as an image bears no resemblance to the armies out on our streets. Technology has been such a boon to humanity in so many ways but it's been a boon to those who seek control perhaps even more.

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Nicky P