Sing For Liberty By All That Remains

A War You Cannot Win

2012 | Metal

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"Why can't we see it, they're trying to make a slave of you. -- Take back your freedom, take it back, take it back."


  • A War You Cannot Win blends the band’s metalcore sound with a more accessible mainstream metal sound.
  • A War You Cannot Win is All That remains sixth studio album and was released by the Razor & Tie label.
  • The album was produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, and managed to hit 13 on the billboard 200 albums chart.


Luke Tatum

So good! High energy rebellion metal. Can that be its own genre? "Take back your freedom." While you still can! Every line in the song drives this point home. The world of politics has wrapped its black tentacles around so many areas of life. To find victory against this leviathan will require focus and discipline. Maybe if we can all take this tune to heart, we won't have to live in a world where credit card companies may decide our ideas are "not allowed" and cut us off from access to voluntary fund transfers from others. Seeing how the war on these fronts will progress will make for an interesting year, to say the least.

Sherry Voluntary

This frenetic song blossoms with the call to action, “take back your freedom,” while dishearteningly asking “ why can’t we see it, they’re trying to make a slave of you,” and mourning “I have such pride, in the land I thought was mine, I can't deny, yet I fear my home is gone.” It gives me the impression of someone who is just beginning to wake up to the problems with the system, but is not yet at the point of letting go of certain ideas of “nation” and “authority.” The recognition of the usurpation of of power, and the use of force to keep people in line, gives me hope for this persons eventual destination.

Nicky P

Alright, I’m gonna be That Guy. We’ve had a lot of consensus so far in the project but what libertarian project is going to avoid getting mired in a purity test. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited to work the heavy stuff in finally...but I’m gonna be the guy to raise the question. Libertarian or constitutional conservative? Don’t get me wrong I’ll take the constitutional government over what we have any day, but it is something different, and I think this is common misrepresentation or maybe I’m just a dick. The song obviously pays lipservice to freedom and liberty but still sounds like it glorifies that America the founders created...the same one that led right here to where we are, and color me a skeptic but I’m not sure I buy into anything that leads to where we’re headed. Maybe I’m wrong and a minarchist society is the most we can hope for, but I’ll continue to hope for real freedom not simply slavery light.

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Nicky P

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