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January, 2020

District Highlights

  • Schools Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy
  • Want to Know More about MUFSD's Elementary Writing Program?
  • Remember to Use Website Search Function for Easy Access to Info
  • Expanded Dual Language Program Going Strong at Middle School
  • Transition Academy Students Take on Work Roles in Community and District
  • PACE Soundscapes Runs Jan. 29 - Feb. 1; All Community Members Invited!
  • MHS Student Wins NYSTEA Playwriting Contest
  • Have you Seen the Drawings for the Soon-to-Be Reconfigured Chatsworth Library Media Center?
  • Two of Our Elementary School Principals Earn Doctoral Degrees
  • MHS Student Named 2020 Cameron Impact Scholar, Full Tuition Recipient
  • Student-Produced Video on Reducing Wasted Food Provides Natural Connection to Community's Love Your Food Campaign

Schools Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy

After five decades of teaching social studies at Mamaroneck High School, Ms. Shannon Turner-Porter -- set to retire this June -- leads her annual MLK assembly with students expressing themselves through dance, poetry & music to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photos above by FALphotography: MLK Assembly at Mamaroneck High School
At Hommocks Middle School, students heard MLK quotes throughout the week and were reminded to consider the content of their character.
Among the many MLK activities across our elementary schools: Chatsworth Ave. School 1st graders read the book We Dream of a World based on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's famous speech. After brainstorming ways to make the world a better place, they created their own pages to highlight their hopes and dreams.
Chatsworth 5th graders watched a video about the ‘I Have a a Dream’ speech, read an informational text on his life, and read a poem about MLK’s message of equality and fairness. Students discussed the meaning and connected the themes to their lives and their current social issue book club books.

WATCH Video: Learn About the K-5 Elementary Writing Program in Mamaroneck Schools

A District presentation by Elementary Literacy Coach Laurie Pastore focused on the “Developing Writer”, helping elementary school parents understand what they can expect from grade to grade in terms of student writing and the MUFSD elementary writing curriculum. Watch the presentation in its entirety via the link below.

Elementary Literacy Coach Laurie Pastore presented to parents from all four elementary schools on the District's writing curriculum in grades K-5.

"Search" Function on District Website Provides Easy Access to Info

Reminder: You can easily find any information you are looking for on the Mamaroneck School District website -- www.mamkschools.org -- by selecting the magnifying glass Search function at the far right of the upper navigation

Newly-Expanded Dual Language Program Kicks off Strong at Middle School Level

Exciting things are happening in Dos Caminos at the middle school! Dos Caminos students spend time daily reading in English and in Spanish, selecting from a variety of texts and formats: authentic Latin America, Caribbean, and Spanish authors, popular texts (in English and translated into Spanish), graphic novels, and high-interest non-fiction. This past week they presented their text maps in both English and Spanish for Martin Luther King’s Letters from a Birmingham Jail, including Q & A from the student audience.The dual language program is in its first year at Hommocks after expanding from the elementary level.

Above: Students in bilingual collaborative groups participate in a bridge exercise unit where English is the target language, and the extended activity is in spanish. For the metalinguistic awareness exercise, students focus on syntax (adjective noun placement) for English & Spanish.

Transition Academy Students Learn Job Skills Through Work at Local Businesses & in Our Schools

Our Transition Academy students currently work in about 15 locations throughout the community to acquire vocational skills. For example, each week, the students build and deliver 50 boxes to Village Pizza. The students have built a strong relationship with the store manager, and for the first time recently they proudly wore the uniforms he gave them to work in. Simultaneously, Transition Academy students perform tasks for District administration at the high school so they may practice their organization, planning and job skill sets prior to their independence outside the building.

Each week, Transition Academy students build and deliver boxes to Village Pizza.
Above Left: Transition Academy students stamp and label books at District offices to be sent over to the elementary schools. Above Right: Students serve as greeters at the Town Center.

PACE Soundscapes Runs Jan. 29 Through Feb. 1

Tickets for Soundscapes, a theatrical music production that celebrates the creativity and diverse musical interests of Mamaroneck High School's PACE (Performing Arts Curriculum Experience) students, are on sale now. Soundscapes runs January 29th through February 1st at 7pm in the PACE Theatre. Original compositions, novel arrangements, instruments, vocals, lighting, live sound, set design, and costumes will culminate in a showcase of performing arts music and include a collaboration with the Transition Academy students, as well as a piece performed by the PACE 4 (senior) Music class.

PACE Soundscapes runs Wednesday, Jan. 29 - Saturday, Feb. 1 at 7 pm each evening

MHS Student Wins NY State Theatre Education Association Playwriting Comp

Twenty-five of Mamaroneck High School's PACE seniors traveled to the New York State Theatre Education Association student conference in Callicoon, NY, participating in dance, music, and theater workshops. Hannah Weinberger -- who was one of five winners of the NYSTEA playwriting contest this year -- had her play presented during the showcase, and Eli Gottsegen was selected to perform a song.

Above: PACE seniors at the NY Theatre Education Assn. student conference in Callicoon, NY

Have you Seen the Drawings for the Reconfigured Chatsworth Library Media Center and Art Suite?

"Phase 1" designs for the capital bond work approved by the community last February have been submitted to the NY State Education Department, and construction is expected to begin in June. Schematic designs for the Chatsworth Ave. School library media center and art suite were introduced, along with designs for elevator additions at three of the elementary schools (to ensure ADA code compliance and accessibility to those with disabilities) and other infrastructure preservation projects across the District.

MAS and Murray Elementary School Principals Earn Doctoral Degrees

Mamaroneck Ave. School Principal Neill Alleva and Murray Ave. School Principal Colleen Melnyk have successfully defended their dissertations and earned doctoral degrees from Northeastern University and Fordham University respectively. The District applauds their dedication and commitment to pursuing doctoral degrees in educational leadership and for having the professional and personal steadfastness to balance work leadership, family, and advanced graduate study.

Above Left: Dr. Neill Alleva, Principal, Mamaroneck Ave. School. Above Right: Dr. Colleen Melnyk, Principal, Murray Ave. School

2020 Cameron Impact Scholar Jackson Baker Set to Receive Full Tuition Merit- Based Award for Four Years

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation announced earlier this week that Mamaroneck High School's Jackson Baker -- who will attend Georgetown University in the fall -- is among 15 high school recipients nationwide of the 2020 Cameron Impact Scholarship, a four-year merit-based scholarship given to students who have used their individual gifts and talents to make a tangible and positive impact on the world around them. Jackson is an EMT with the Larchmont Volunteer Ambulance Corps and has shown a passion for emergency medicine and helping others. The scholarship covers full tuition and educational expenses at students' chosen collegiate institutions.

"Through our four-year undergraduate scholarship program, we aim to provide ample support for extraordinary young adults who see their college education as a stepping stone toward a lifetime of contribution to the greater good....In earning this honor, Jackson has distinguished himself in the areas of academics, extracurricular achievement, leadership, and service to others." - Amie Lucas, Executive Director, Bryan Cameron Education Foundation

Student Video on Reducing Wasted Food Provides Natural Connection to Love Your Food Campaign

MHS Advanced Video student Sascha Melamed, junior, consulted with the Love Your Food campaign (which the District is a part of) to study the issue of food waste and produce a piece for her social issues film assignment in which she challenged her own family to a one-week zero food waste challenge.

Forty percent of the U.S. food supply gets wasted. When food gets tossed, all the resources used to produce it get wasted too. And when food ends up in the landfill or incinerator, significant greenhouse gases are created which contribute to climate change. - Love Your Food campaign website