Catharine Sedgwick By ellie cummings

-Born December 28, 1789 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts -6 siblings -1 mother and 1 father
-novelist -Wrote domestic fiction -First novel: A New-England Tale -Last book: Married or Single? -Wrote 11 books
-popular at her time -most popular novel Hope Leslie -books were published in magazines and gift books
-liked to travel around the world -close to her siblings -did not enjoy political action -Lydia Maria Child and Harriet Beecher Stowe was her literary role model -Became Unitarian -was an original but less known today -Participated in the work of the Women's Prison Association of New York
-Chose to remain unmarried and devote herself to her writing -Meet with many famous writers, poets, actresses, political figures, religious leaders and reformers to improve on her writing
-“First director” from its incorporation in 1854 until her death -Died July 31, 1867 in Boston, Massachusetts


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