Liberty University Zumba Fitness Club by: Andrea Pino Mora

The International Student Center at Liberty University started the first ever Latin-based club. The Zumba fitness club's first meeting was on March 23, 2017 and it involved around 30 Liberty students and faculty members from all over the world getting together to dance, exercise, and share the Latino culture with one another.

Estefania Whitefell who works as an operations assistant and health insurance representative at the International Student Center decided to start the club, after the Zumba demonstrations that Miguel Montoya, a Liberty University student from Honduras and Brenda Barboza another student from Venezuela, put together for the Latin American open house, and the Taste of Nations. After noticing how much the students enjoyed the Zumba demonstrations, Whitefell a type B-2 Zumba instructor, felt led to start the Zumba Fitness club.

After taking a break from Zumba Whitefell began to train regularly again. She also submitted all of the forms and paperwork necessary to get the club approved by the Student Government Association. Finally a couple of weeks later the SGA finally said yes, and the Zumba Fitness club was born.

The Zumba Fitness club has been a huge success, even though it has only been going on for two months. According to Barboza, who aspires to become a type B-1 instructor over the summer, some of the benefits of the Zumba Fitness club are:

  • The opportunity to exercise and work on your physical condition.
  • Having the chance to connect with old friends and meet new ones.
  • Being able to learn different Zumba choreographies and teaching styles.
  • Having the opportunity to learn more about the Latino culture.

Karen Martinez, a Liberty student from Colombia said, "The Zumba club has really allowed me to celebrate a part of my culture that I hold very dear, and to be able to share it with my friends, hopefully the club will continue growing through the years."

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