Westward Exansion By: Evan Esmaeilzadeh

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Diseases and Death

Chapter 3: Transportation

Chapter 4: Gold Fever

Chapter 5: Exploring

Chapter 6: Conclusion

About the Author


Have you heard the sound of a man panning for gold. Splash, splash, splash. The journeys during the Westward Expansion was very long and dangerous. There was a lot of different ways to migrate west. Lots of people died from diseases such as smallpox and malaria etc. There was also a lot of exploring, and the Gold rush made the west way more popular. During the Gold Rush hundreds of people got rich.

Diseases and Death

First, a lot of people a part of the journey of the Westward Expansion died. Examples of some diseases that killed people are smallpox, malaria, measles Cholera, Yellow fever, and Gold fever etc. Also multiple of people died from dehydration and starvation. Back then the doctors did not have any decent cures or not that much medicine for these diseases so some people just died.


A Pioneer Traveling in a covered wagon

Secondly there was a lot of ways to get to the west. Here are some of the resources to get to the west. The Oregon Trail, Covered Wagons, Ships, Continental Railroad, etc. It was also a extremely long journey so people on ships probably got seasick and threw up a lot. The ship also had very little space for the passengers to stay in and same with their luggage.

Map of the westward expansin

Gold Fever

Next, there was the GOLD RUSH. The journey to go to the Gold rush was crazy and dangerous. There was bad weather and it was chaotic. Everybody was heading to the west. The population in the west was off the charts. Everybody wanted gold and they wanted to be rich. When they found gold they would say “Eureka”. When an entrepreneur named Levi Strauss was panning for gold when he realized that his denim jeans were great for panning for gold so he started a business. Levi and his company was getting more and more famous. Today Levi still has his company and they have added more items than jeans.


Last but not least, at that time there was multiple explorers exploring at that time. Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark (Famous explores) explored during the Westward Expansion. Lewis and Clark were the first explorers to explore the Louisiana Territory. “Thomas Jefferson wanted to buy the settlement of New Orleans from the French.” credit to http://www.ducksters.com


In conclusion the Westward Expansion was chaotic! There was bad weather, the gold rush and a lot of deaths. There was also multiple explorers exploring at that time. Lastly there was a lot of resources of transportation.


Http://www.ducksters.com/history/westward_expansion/california_gold_rush.php." Ducksters. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Dec. 2016.

About the Author

Evan Esmaeilzadeh is a 5th grader at Hawthorne School, Beverly Hills, Ca. He is in Ms. Mulhollands writing class. Evan is a athlete that loves to play Basketball.
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