IT Coms Social Media Guide April 2017

Communicate. Educate. Cultivate.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LUHelpDesk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibertyHelpDesk
Desk.com--Social engagement platform

Crisis Communication

Step One: Identification

In the event of any widespread downtime or interruption of IT Services (ex. Blackboard downtime, myLU inaccessible, network outage/degradation, etc.) social media must be updated immediately, alerting our followers of any pertinent information & what we are doing to fix it. You can post status updates directly through FB or Twitter or through Desk.com

Step Two: Communication

Log onto Desk.com and start responding to comments as they come in as quickly and as accurately as possible. At the moment, Desk.com only shows "posts to page" and not user comments on our unique posts, so be sure to keep Facebook open and monitor/comment from there as well.

Step Three: Containment

As updates come in (from the HelpDesk, the OCC, Josh, etc.) post updates on both social media channels with time stamps in order to keep the users as informed as possible. Remember, we are the front line for customer service 🙂

Step Four: Resolution

Provide users with an "all clear" announcement when everything has been resolved & provide information on what their next steps should be if they continue to have issues related to the downtime.

Utilize storytelling to present seemingly boring information in creative ways that drive adoption & humanize IT.
Building a growing, thriving, social media community through better engagement & creative content that resonates with our audience.


  • Post unique, creative content atleast 3x a week that is unrelated to specific campaigns (think tips and tricks, tutorials, technology humor)
  • Have bi-weekly creative collaboration sessions to plan for the Educate & Cultivate sections of our social media
  • MORE VIDEOS (FB automatically places videos in front of more viewers)
  • Facebook- Information focus
  • Twitter- Conversation focus
  • Instagram- Engagement focus


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