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To solve the world’s most intractable development challenges, USAID proactively seeks to build partnerships that leverage the diverse skills, assets, technologies and resources of the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

Join the U.S. Global Development Lab’s Center for Transformational Partnerships in a celebration showcasing the work USAID does with traditional and non-traditional partners, including the private sector, universities, nonprofits, diaspora organizations, and others.

Since 2001, USAID has built more than 1,600 partnerships with the private sector involving more than 3,500 unique partner organizations. And you have helped make this happen. Join us as we continue to build upon this progress and mark 15 years since the launch of the Global Development Alliance, USAID’s premiere model for partnering with the private sector.

Join in the conversation using #USAIDPartners to discuss what partnership means to you. Celebrate your partner organizations and the development impact you’re making together.

#USAIDPartners Videos


  • #USAIDPartners with companies at the intersection of business & #globaldev to #EndPoverty | @USAID http://bit.ly/2k79OuN
  • Watch how @USAID partners to create sustainable #globaldev solutions | #USAIDPartners #SDG http://bit.ly/2k79OuN
  • Since 2001, @USAID has built more than 1600 partnerships w/ private sector. | #USAIDPartners http://bit.ly/2k79OuN


  • How has USAID focused on engaging the private sector to drive increased development impact? By aligning business interests with USAID objectives, #USAIDPartners help create sustainable solutions to global problems. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2k79OuN


  • #USAIDPartners helps to light up #India by spurring private investment into #offgrid energy solutions http://bit.ly/2js25UB
  • Watch @USAID and private sector use solar power to light up @USAID_India | #USAIDPartners http://bit.ly/2js25UB
  • How can charging a cellphone transform someone’s life? Learn how w/ #USAIDPartners in #India http://bit.ly/2js25UB | @USAID_India


  • Watch what happens when USAID India partners with the private sector to support social enterprises developing off-grid energy platforms. http://bit.ly/2js25UB


  • #USAIDPartners with the private sector to promote a more secure and prosperous world. @USAID http://bit.ly/2p0hhxc
  • WATCH: @USAID + @Microsoft partner to teach at-risk youth leadership & computer skills in #ElSalvador #USAIDPartners http://bit.ly/2p0hhxc
  • What happens when young people feel confident? #USAIDPartners in @USAIDES to reduce violence in #ElSalvador http://bit.ly/2p0hhxc


  • El Salvador is one of the most violent countries in the world. To solve this complex problem, #USAIDPartners with @Microsoft and local partners to teach leadership, conflict resolution, and computer skills to at-risk youth. 100% of these graduates have gone on to advanced education or employment. http://bit.ly/2p0hhxc

What We're Saying On Social


  • Our mission: #USAIDPartners to end extreme poverty. Celebrate 15 years of partnerships with @USAID http://bit.ly/2bZNX46
  • How can we solve the world’s most challenging #globaldev problems? We can’t do it alone | #USAIDPartners http://bit.ly/2bZNX46
  • The #SDGs can’t be accomplished alone. #USAIDPartners bring skills, technology, and innovation to #globaldev. http://bit.ly/2bZNX46
  • How can you be part of #USAIDPartners? Check out our partnership opportunities http://bit.ly/2bEBtj6
  • #USAIDPartners over 15 years: from @Microsoft, @NestleUSA & @Cocacola to @VillageCapital, @GrupoAgrisalSV & @JibuCo http://bit.ly/2bZNX46
  • It’s not just big businesses - #USAIDPartners with local private sector partners too! Learn more at www.usaid.gov/local_private_sector_partnerships
  • #USAIDPartners are all over @FortuneMagazine’s #ChangetheWorld List - #1 @GSK #3 @generalelectric | http://beta.fortune.com/change-the-world/
  • What is your favorite #USAIDPartners story? With 360+ partnerships around the world, it’s tough to choose! http://bit.ly/2cRHeqt
  • Through @USAID_Credit, #USAIDPartners with banks to help #socent get the access to finance they need http://bit.ly/2c4lWHt
  • There are 950+ #USAIDPartners today - are you one of them? [link to data infographic] http://bit.ly/2cRHeqt
  • In 2015, @USAID had 360+ partnerships around the world. Learn why #USAIDPartners for #globaldev http://bit.ly/2cRHeqt
  • #USAIDPartners w/ @TheToiletBoard to seek business solutions for global #sanitation needs ow.ly/ONkN304hhfE
  • #HESN universities have collaborated with a network of nearly 700 #USAIDPartners in more than 65 countries www.usaid.gov/hesn
  • Thru #HESN, #USAIDPartners w/ research institutions, private sector, NGOs, #socent & more to scale impact www.usaid.gov/hesn
  • With #HESN, @USAID partners with @williamandmary, @UCBerkeley, @DukeSEAD, @CITEatMIT, and more | www.usaid.gov/hesn #USAIDPartners


  • To solve the world’s most intractable development challenges, USAID proactively seeks to build partnerships that leverage the diverse skills, assets, technologies and resources of the private, public and nonprofit sectors. What's your #USAIDPartners story? http://bit.ly/2bZNX46
  • USAID partners to end extreme poverty. In the past 15 years, USAID has built more than 1,600 partnerships with the private sector involving more than 3,500 unique partner organizations, expecting to leverage more than $16 billion in non-U.S. government public and private funds. Learn more about USAID’s partnerships. http://bit.ly/2cRHeqt

Our Partnerships


  • How has @USAID learned from its #USAIDPartners? Lessons learned from our #partnerships data: http://bit.ly/2cfk9kg
  • #USAIDPartners with local businesses like Grupo Agrisal to create sustainable communities. http://bit.ly/2bC4SeJ
  • Casa Luker - one of the local #USAIDPartners - is helping to transform the Colombian chocolate industry: http://bit.ly/2bCKbsS
  • Amplifying local #impinv to improve infrastructure in #Bangladesh - that’s how #USAIDPartners. http://bit.ly/2bL1IzM
  • #India’s Millennium Alliance is connecting innovators with local #USAIDPartners in a revolutionary way. http://bit.ly/2cibQUR
  • #USAIDPartners with pioneers like @Imazon to end deforestation in the Amazon. http://bit.ly/2bVVpg6
  • .@Jibuco is an example of how #USAIDPartners are using entrepreneurship to solve development problems. http://bbc.in/29urri5
  • #USAIDPartners are a key part of meeting future #globaldev challenges. http://bit.ly/2c0gIvH
  • Investing in women and girls leads to a huge #globaldev impact – that’s why #USAIDPartners created SPRING. http://bit.ly/2bU1UNB
  • With #USAIDPartners @AstraeaUpdates and @NGLCC, we work to secure a safer world for #LGBTI everywhere http://bit.ly/2bZOfs6
  • With #USAIDPartners like @VillageCapital, @OpenKe, and more, @GlobalDevLab partners to accelerate #socent usaid.gov/pace
  • Small businesses can be #USAIDPartners just as much as large corporations – a new partnership is paving the way. http://bit.ly/2bZNX46
  • Diasporans invested $440 billion in developing countries in 2015. They’re #USAIDPartners too – see how. http://bit.ly/2ciSG12
  • Congrats to one of our #USAIDPartners @CocaCola for becoming the first Fortune 500 company to be waste water free! http://bit.ly/2bWmGyX
  • What’s relationship health have to do with #USAIDPartners? 5 key takeways from @USAID’s partnerships: http://bit.ly/2bF0eLO


  • At USAID, we know we can’t achieve the global goals alone. That’s why we partner with the private sector, universities, nonprofits, diaspora organizations, and more. We believe our most impactful partnerships are those which clearly align core business interests with development objectives. http://bit.ly/2bZNX46
  • Working with the private sector is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In 1960, public capital accounted for 71 percent of financial flows to the developing world. Today, it stands at 9 percent, with 91 percent of financial flows from the United States to the developing world coming from private sources. At no other time in history has U.S. foreign aid made up such a small share of global capital flows - that’s what USAID partners with the private sector to help solve global problems. http://bit.ly/2bZNX46

Our Partners



  • As a global world, we are facing today’s most intractable development challenges. Today, we are working together to solve global problems. We are proud to be @USAID partners. http://bit.ly/2bZNX46

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