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Listen Up.

For two decades, Sinfonia has been the leading orchestra enhancement technology for Broadway musicals. While we pride ourselves on our sounds (and those sounds are constantly expanding and improving), we know some users have their own massive collections. As good as we get, we can't satisfy the personal preferences of every sample library connoisseur. After all, while our distribution package currently sits at about 20 gigabytes of data, some pros devote that much space to a single clarinet.

Sounds Interesting...

What if you could use your own 20 GB clarinet within Sinfonia? That would mean you get the sound you prefer along with all the real-time performance controls that make Sinfonia so powerful.

Our Reroute feature lets you do exactly that!

Music To My Ears

With reroutes, you can direct the signal from one of our instruments to one of yours. Load a library into your favorite sampler - Kontakt, Mainstage, Steinberg, etc. - and with a few clicks, our sequence data will play back using your sounds. Mix and match between our RMS Sampler and your best options. Together, we'll make great music!

How Does It Work?

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