Galileo Galilei By: Kyla, Caleigh, Kurstin, & Kristina

Individual Blogs about Galileo
RENAISSANCE Weekly Updates
Weekly Progress Blog #1 - April 24-28 2017

This week we have done a lot on our renaissance project. In class on Monday we began our research by trying to find good websites and resources and plan what we were going to do for the week. Outside of school, we continued to read sources and just gain general knowledge. Tuesday, we began taking notes and conferring about who was going to do what, we sent each other helpful information. On Wednesday we started working out and developing ideas for our creative piece. At home, we started citing our sources and continued research. Thursday we finished citing our sources and we turned them in. We concluded the discussion on our creative piece and decided on the telescope and compass. At home, we researched the creative pieces. Friday, we confined researching and wrote our first weekly progress blog. We talked and brainstormed ideas for the costume. We made sure everyone knew what they were doing for the individual blogs and we also planned for the weekend.

Week 1 Pictures: taking notes & researching
Weekly Progress Blog #2 - May 1-5 2017

In class on Monday we planned our individual blogs, Caleigh is writing his biography, Kurstin is writing about his fight with the Catholic Church and heresy, Kyla is writing about astronomy, and Kristina is writing about his inventions and discoveries. We all continued researching our topics for the individual blogs. We also discussed more about our costumes. Tuesday, outside of school, we took notes and made outlines for our individual blog. Wednesday we had a group discussion about our creative piece. We decided we were going to make a replica of his telescope and compass. On Thursday, we continued talking about our creative piece. Each of us worked on finding good sources and information for our individual blogs. We added resources to our second source check and turned that in. On Friday, we completed our second weekly progress blog and turned that in from adobe spark page. We found out what each person is getting for the creative piece over the weekend and when to hang out after school to work on the telescope.

Week 2 pictures: taking notes, more research, and planning how to make creative piece(telescope)
Weekly Progress Blog #3 - May 8-12 2017

This week we have been very productive. We are more than halfway done our project. On Monday during class we got all the facts and information for our individual blog and planned them out, we continued our individual writing. Kristina is writing about his inventions and planned to write about his telescope, pendulum clock, thermometer, and a couple more. Kyla is writing about his discoveries and astronomy. She is going to write about the phases of Venus, the moons of Jupiter, and the Copernican model. Kurstin is writing about his fight with the church and how he was convicted of Heresy because of his copernican theory and his punishments, house arrest, and death. Monday after school we went to Kyla’s house to work on the model of his telescope and his compass. We painted the base and the tube of the telescope brown. We let those dry and then we paired the base of our compass and the stand of it brown. After we painted the pendulum gold. We attached the pendulum with the base and stand. On Tuesday out of school we worked on constructing our paragraphs and putting all the information together. On Wednesday we created the videos script and filmed our video. And on Thursday we tried to film it again and work on our blogs. Friday we came up with a new idea for the video and filmed again to add more to the video. We planned for the weekend to hang out at caleigh's house to make a poster trifold board and work on the creative pieces.

Week 3 Pictures: Painting the tube and stand of our creative piece(telescope) and making a board with a timeline and our individual blogs

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