E komo Mai lifes better here

E Komo Mai translates to welcome, enter in Hawaiian. Our mission statement is "its o.k life's better here." Everyone is welcome all you need is you'r passport to be welcomed in with a Lei. We are located in the Berry islands, Bahamas. The government here is amazing we have one leader, Kaili she is super relaxed with the rules. A regular day in E Komo Mai is surfing all day then hanging out with all your friends then going to bed around 9 so you can wake up early and go morning surfing and watch the sunrise. E Komo Mai is relaxing and claming.

Our Rules

1. You must walk or bike everywhere, no driving

2. School is a option, drop out when ever you want

3. Everyone is taught to surf at age 8

4.Everybody speak's hawaiian

5. Choose your job, study that in school

6. Can't work on the weekends

7. No mean animals in the ocean

8. No misusing of the word "like"

9. You never "work", you do what you love

10. No worrying


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