What is in the Constitution?

Article 1

Article 1 focuses on the legislative branch consisting of the two houses of Congress; the Senate and House of Representatives. They have the job to make laws.

Congress has power to make laws, taxes, post offices, provide and maintain a military. Congress also has the ability to declare war, coin money, punish piracy.
One of the two houses in Congress is the House of Representatives. They have the job along with the U.S. Senate to make laws. Representatives are determined by state's included within the Union and their respective numbers which are the amount of people in each state and each state has to have a minimum of one representative. To serve the term of two years you have to be at least twenty five years of age and a U.S. citizen of at least seven years.
The second branch of congress is the U.S. Senate. They have the power with the House of Representatives to make new laws called "bills." To serve the six year term in the Senate you have to be at least thirty years of age and an American citizen of at least nine years. Each state is required to have two Senators with one vote to represent their state. The Vice President of the United States is the President of the Senate, but doesn't have vote unless the Senate is equally divided.

The Congress has to meet at least once a year.The first meeting of Congress shall be on the first Monday in December.both the Senate and House of Representatives are paid out of the treasury of the United States. No person is allowed to hold any civil office under the authority of the United States.Each house has the ability to remove a member of their house in congress.

Article 2

The President of the United States of American is in charge of the Executive branch and is the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy for his or her term of four years after his or her inauguration on January Twentieth .To become the President you have to be the Age of thirty five Years and a natural born citizen.270 votes are needed to become the President and if neither candidate gets a majority then the House of Representatives decides which one becomes President. Every year the president gives the State of the Union address in the month of January.

All civil Officers of the United States can be impeached for Treason, Bribery, or other high crime and Misdemeanors. If the President dies or is removed from office then the Vice President becomes the President.

Acticle 3

The third article focuses on the Judicial branch which interprets laws. It has one Supreme Court that can Appellate Jurisdiction which is the power of a higher court to review and change decisions of lower courts. There is a Chief Justice that presides over the court.
The judges can hold office their entire life unless impeached. Supreme courts don't hear every case and Congress decides to create or remove lower courts and decides if a person has committed treason .


#1 Freedom of religion, speech, of the press, and assembly.

#2 The right to keep and bear arms.

#3 Prohibits quartering of soldiers without owners consent.

#4 Prohibits searches and seizures without search warrants.
#5 Rules for indictment by grand jury and eminent domain, protects the right to due process, and self-incrimination.
#6 The right to a fair, public trial by jury, confront accuser, and obtain witnesses.

#7 Right to a trial by jury.

#8 Prohibits excessive fines and bails along with cruel and unusual punishment.
#9 Prohibits changes to the Constitution

#10 Reinforces the principle of federalism.

#11 Prohibits State of being tried by citizens and foreigners.
#12 Revises the procedures of electing of the President and Vice President.

#13 Abolishes slavery unless as punishment for a crime.

#14 The right to due process.
#15 Prohibits the rejection of a citizens right to vote based on race.
#16 Allows Congress to levy income taxes.

#17 United States Senators are elected by popular vote.

#18 Prohibits the making and selling of alcohol in the United States.
#19 Prohibits the rejection of a citizens right to vote based on gender.
#20 Put in law when President and Vice President and government officials take and resign office.
#21 Repeals the 18th amendment and makes it illegal to import alcohol into areas of the United States where alcohol is prohibited in those areas.
#22 Limits the number of times a President can be elected to twice.
#23 Grants the District of Columbia electors in the Electoral College
#24 Citizen are allowed to vote even if taxes aren't paid.
#25 The Vice President will become President if the President dies or is impeached.
#26 Prohibits the rejection of a citizens right to vote based on age over eighteen.
#27 Prohibits Congress of raising salary until after the next election of Representatives
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