BOOM TO BUST The 1920's to THE 1930's


This man lost everything with the crash of the stock market.
This is a political cartoon of the stock market
This newspaper was promoting the buying on a margin
This is a cartoon representing employers giving wage cuts to unprepared families
This was a newspaper from the 1930's after people lost everything.

The economy in the 1920’s was booming. The money that the stock brokers were bringing in was mostly monopoly money. The big corporations were showing the amounts of money they would have if nobody bought stocks on the margin, but everyone did. When the stock market crash of 1929 happened the corporations lost all their “money”. Everybody who had invested in the stocks raced to the banks to collect their savings but when they arrived they found out that the banks used all their savings to invest into the people who were investing in the stocks. They had lost everything. That was how they lived in the depression, with nothing.


Radios were very popular in the 1920s
Many people went to the movies as an escape
African Americans were still segregated at the time
Jazz was another form of escape

In the 1920’s everyone was doing something new. Women were going out on dates, smoking, and becoming flappers. Many African Americans played jazz and were doing it for themselves. Many Americans found the talent in the jazz music of the 1920’s and jazz became a big part in the development of the 20’s. When the 1930’s rolled around with the depression on it’s tail the American people sought out for help. To escape from the worries that surrounded them many Americans went to the movies for comedic and romantic relief. The radio became one of the life lines that held the Nation together.


A new invention to help out at home.
A new invention for the household
African Americans were segregated even more and forced to live in shacks or hoovervilles
Many woman had to put of the fight for equal rights and take care of their families.

Many Women in the 1920’s were fighting for rights and equal pay, but when they were not working or rioting they were using the new household appliances. Some of these appliances were the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine. Many African American woman could not get jobs and if they did they did not keep them for long. Many African Americans in the 1930's were unemployed because they were, “Last hired, First fired”. Many people faced the problem of unemployment and spent their long days at home with the radio. The Radio was a huge part in all households in the 1920’s.


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