Superintendent's Notes March 10, 2021

It's SPRING BREAK time! This, in and of itself, is quite a celebration, as we have now completed 125 days of school. I am so proud of each and every one of you. The other celebration is the completion of OPERATION VACCINE - DOSE 1! Total Wellness was able to deliver just under 400 vaccines on Friday. Everything ran like clockwork and those who spent the day in various roles were amazing. There were approximately 40 of our support employees working tirelessly to make the day run extraordinarily smooth! I can't say "THANK YOU" enough! Huge SHOUT OUT to the Sand Springs Fire Department for providing two people to standby in case of emergency! Photos from the day are below. By the way, we heard numerous positive comments about our transportation folks providing rides back to cars in the rain. Nice touch, Mr. Morris and Mr. Parker!

The Oklahoma State Department of Health announced COVID-19 vaccine eligibility has opened up for phase 3 priority groups. This includes students who are 16 and older. New appointments for students should be posted to the state's vaccine portal now. Students who are 16 or 17 are only eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. There may be some students who would be interested.

Thank you Mr. Jon at NFAA for making students feel welcome in the car rider line. After all, who wouldn't want to be greeted by a unicorn! Photo credit: Ms. Kristin Arnold

Senior Sean Kuehn continues to illustrate the fact, as Mr. Trout would say, "You can go anywhere from here!" In this Tulsa World article, Sean is celebrated for being one of among 104 high school juniors and seniors nationwide tapped for the U.S. Senate Youth Program. Quoting the article, "to qualify, students must hold or have held student body office or another elected or appointed position in their communities and show academic interest and aptitude in government, history and politics." This student is going places! Great job Sean!

As we all are keenly aware, Mr. Russel Ragland is secretly an OSU fan. He dressed in this gig because his students exceeded their latest fundraising goal - all for a great cause! Also, Mr. Lee, while not wearing an OSU hat, was sporting ORANGE (power)! LOL!

Sandite Varsity Cheer recently competed by video submission in NATIONALS! They allowed visitors to sneak in and watch. Great performance team! Also, thanks to Coach Berry for sharing his court with Cheer, as he was practicing for the AREA Basketball Tournament!

Yes, we were in the middle of "The Great Freeze" during Valentines Day this year, but that did not stop the 4th Grade Class at Northwoods Fine Arts Academy from celebrating when we returned to school! Pictured below is evidence that NFAA 4th grade students understand etiquette. There were lots of lessons learned with this fun festival! They hosted a Valentine Formal, inviting guests and treating them to a party to remember. Thank you to Ms. Jennifer Allwein, Ms. Becky Dotson, Ms. Mendy Huff, and Ms. Tarra Tilton for the invitation. Your students were impressive with their manners, their hospitality and their conversation!

One of my favorite events of the year is the annual Local Livestock Show. The work involved with student preparation for this day lends itself to many life lessons for the participants. The skill sets taught and learned through the FFA program are endless! We are extremely proud of Mr. Evans and Mr. Anderson and their intricate work in this program. Drew Bivin may be a Future Farmer in the making!

Our Child Nutrition folks at Garfield STEAM Academy sure added "flavor" to not just lunch, but with Read Across America Week! Thank you for the creativity and making it FUN for students. When everyone supports literacy, it makes a tremendous impression for students!

Pratt Elementary 4th Graders complete a Pop Bottle Biography project each year. The students create a replica of their person with a pop bottle and this year's projects were FANTASTIC! Students get really creative with the media they use to create their project. Lucille Ball, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Harriet Tubman were a few of my favorites! According to Ms. Slaten, "We also present them in class, so that their peers can learn about other famous people. It really opens up a love for the Who Was/Who Is series along with History." Great job Pratt 4th Grade team!

Tuesday this week was a special day for our Clyde Boyd Middle School 8th grade students. CPHS hosted a "Program Showcase" to inform the 8th graders of course offerings related to their career interests. Students were able to tour our STEM Academy as well as an array of the many programs offered at CPHS. Students in the process of partnering in their own educational programming is EXACTLY the magic that will help them stay motivated and invested in the educational process.

Thanks Ms. Jamie Conrad and Reagan Conrad for inviting visitors to see the baby piglets!! Ms. Arnold is pictured with sweet Avery soaking in the new experience with the babies!

Sandite work continues on the weekends for some of us. Pictured below is Coach Tim Dial at a track meet and Coach Berry with the Sandite basketball team at Union from last weekend. Thanks to all who put in the extra hours!

Together is definitely BETTER. Together we have gotten to Spring Break. Together we will finish this CRAZY year with poise and effectiveness! Thank you for sticking TOGETHER!
Enjoy SPRING BREAK! Much deserved for everyone! ~Sherry