School on the Run The relocation of university park elementary school

Since 1928, University Park Elementary School has sat nestled in between Thackery Street and Turtle Creek Boulevard on Lovers Lane. For the past 89 years, the school endearingly nicknamed "UP" has watched University Park slowly grow around it; first came the modernization of Snider Plaza up the street, followed by the construction of a public pool and park directly across the street. But the one constant has remained the school, which, starting next year, will be moving to Northwest Hwy. While this means bigger and brighter things down the road for the establishment, the current attendees are left worried about the remainder of their elementary school careers and whether or not their new school will really be the beacon of greatness that it's made out to be.

Luke (7) and Rollins (8) on the UP Sport Court

For Luke Berger and his friends, Rollins, Sean, Connor, and Hudson, the days of playing basketball and scootering on the UP Sport Court before and after school are numbered. While a basketball court at the new school site is pending, there is doubt that it will be the secluded sanctuary when it is placed right next to a major roadway. This is one of many luxuries these first and second graders may not be able to experience again.

The kids stand in front of their future school

Their new school looks quite different then it will when these kids can attend it. Construction is estimated to come to a close in the fall of 2017, put logistical issues could potentially push that date back to early December. In the meantime, the kids can only imagine what their new school will look like, as only the rough outlines have been constructed to this point.

From bottom to top, Sean, Hudson, Luke, and Connor fly down the slide

Perhaps the greatest tragedy in this school move is fact that the old school, a staple of University Park, will be torn down along with its many playgrounds. The city has yet to decide on what construction will entail, but what was once not only a hangout after school but also during weekends will soon be covered in an assortment of housing developments and designer stores.

Rollins swings on the monkey bars

Another drawback of the new school is its placement, right on Northwest Highway. While yes, the current school is located on Lovers Lane, it is no where near the level of loudness and importance of the former. This arises an issue of safety, not only during school hours, but also before and after when kids play outside.

Luke and his friends methodically trying to decide who is "it" in a game of Hide-and-Go-Seek

While yes, the new school promises grandeur and better facilities, its obscure location and distance from the old school take away from some the things that made the original UP so great. Alumnae of the school for years and years have come back to pay tribute to the school which they first attended in their formative years. But now, all the feeling of nostalgia will be whisked away and replaced by the supposed future. But is all of that history and greatness really worth throwing away just at the possibility of a prettier campus?

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