Whale Sharks By Madelyn Brooks

Facts About Whale Sharks

  • Physical Features-
  • Whale Sharks are typically 18 to 32.8 feet in size.
  • The largest Whale Shark discovered was 40 feet in size.
  • These sharks have a pattern of spots covering their bodies.
  • The spots are all different, much like fingerprints.
  • Habitat-
  • Whale Sharks prefer warm waters which is why they are found in all tropical waters
  • Social Habits-
  • These creatures are usually alone.
  • They will sometimes end up in groups if there is a large abundance of food in a certain area
  • The group name for Whale Sharks is a school
  • Population size-
  • The population size for Whale Sharks is between 100,000 and 200,000.

Threats to Whale Shark's Existence

  • Hunters- they are looking for the whale's oil and fins
  • Boat motors- if Whales swim too close the motors cause damage
  • Tourism- tourism can interrupt feeding
  • Bycatch- when unwanted creatures are captured during commercial fishing

Possible Solutions

  • For scientists-
  • Gather studies- get a better understanding
  • Support studies- help out other people get a better understanding
  • For people like us-
  • Make donations
  • Adopt a Whale (show support)

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