The Boudoir Experience real reviews from real women

"Not me."

"I wish I could do that."

"I need to lose ten pounds first."

Did any of these thoughts run through your mind when you first heard of my boudoir photo shoots?

*raises hand* Yep I've been guilty of this, too.

We can ALL look fabulous in photographs if we trust the right person to take our portrait. When I meet with my clients for their consultations, I can immediately see the subtleties that make them beautiful. And it's my job to translate what I see into a timeless portrait.

"beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."
"You were wild once. Don't let them tame you."

"Thank you so much! Really, I can't tell you how much I am blown away by my album. I can't believe it's me in those pictures!! My husband & I finally got a quiet moment together last night and I just couldn't wait until Christmas eve to give it to him!!! I was so excited. He loved it. I mean, absolutely loved it. He cried. So sweet. He said it was the best gift he had ever gotten and he couldn't believe that I had done something like this!!

So thank you. Your work is stunning and you made me feel beautiful. You have given us a gift that we will enjoy together for all our years."

"I just got done watching my slide show....tears streaming down my face! This is the sexiest I have felt in so long and it was a fun afternoon of time to myself which is few and far between! I can never thank you enough for the images you captured and pretty sure my husband will feel the same. I'm still in aww over the image you took of his arms around me...looks like something straight out of a magazine or belongs in an art gallery....Then I'm like wait....that's us!"

"You have been one of the people who has helped me feel like "me" again, and I truly admire you and your belief behind what you do. With that new found "me" again I am submitting an application for Mrs. Illinois United States 2016. Not something I'd ever think I would do but I figure it could be fun and a great way to reach out to other women and mothers to let them know we can do more for ourselves. I wanted to say thank you for your heart and helping me feel so confident! Xoxoxo"

"Thanks for the wonderful viewing session today! Still taking all the beautiful images in! Can't believe that was me in your photos!! From the bottom of my heart.... Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you again. You have such a spirit about you! Feel like you're a long lost kindred spirit!"

"I don’t even know where to begin. All I can say is I am floored. When I saw my images from my vintage inspired boudoir shoot with Cori, I literally jumped up and down giddy with excitement. I mean, I already knew how much fun I had with her and Morgan during our shoot and I already FELT beautiful that day after the care Morgan took with me while styling my hair and make-up to fit perfectly with the vintage era, but to SEE the finished product?!! OH MY GOD. Cori works miracles. I mean, I already knew this because I follow her work daily-- but to be able to experience it myself... I feel like a superstar goddess and now I just want to do it again and again and again. She took so much care in every aspect of the shoot from wardrobe advice to providing a few extra pieces for some sparkle and she guided me through the entire shoot with very careful posing and direction to work her magic while gushing with such positive energy and professionalism. Every woman deserves a little bit of stardom in their lives and I’m so glad I trusted Cori to make me a star for a day by offering such a luxury experience!"

"I was so nervous to give my husband the album. I was worried he would say he wishes I would have just gotten him a watch. However, he absolutely loved the album and wall portrait. He just thought the book was so beautiful and classy and was so impressed that I did something so thoughtful for him. He said the only thing he's disappointed in is that he can't show it off to his friends! He compared it to getting a Porche that he can't drive around town. If that's not the highest compliment a guy can give, I don't know what is! I still can't thank Cori and Morgan enough for bringing out my most beautiful self and having that moment in time documented forever. If you are considering a photo shoot and have any questions about my experience or would like to see my entire album, please PM me. You will not regret this ladies, I promise!!

"Listen up ladies...I recently worked with Cori Strong, a phenomenal photographer in which one of her many specialties is Boudoir. There's much more to it than you might think. Everyone has their own reasons for doing something like this, whether it's to surprise your man, a wedding present or, in my case, for yourself. In January, I turned 30! Now one can only imagine what 30 years can do, to not only your physical appearance but your mentality. I struggled through the years with self confidence & self esteem. By my late 20's, I started coming into my own...finding my inner self. After having my Son, my body went through some crazy changes. About 1 month after giving birth, I was diagnosed with UC (Ulcerative Colitis) a disease I have to live with every day for the rest of my life. I have had some tough times & any " flaw" that my body has, I see it as my armor. Throughout all these years, I could not be more proud of what my body, both mentally & physically has endured. What better way of portraying that other than a boudoir photo shoot? I can personally say, you will have one of the best days of your life and will not be disappointed. This is seriously something every woman should experience at least once in your life. You deserve it!”

First off if you are thinking about doing a Boudoir session...do it! I wanted to post about my incredible experience with Little Bells Photography for those of you maybe thinking about doing it. For several years I was thinking about doing a shoot for my 10 yr wedding anniversary. Always thinking in the back of my mind that I would never follow through with it.

However, as the time approached I started researching more and then I found Cori with Little Bells Photography. Instantly after meeting in my consultation I knew I could and would do it! I felt completely comfortable and at ease, she has a way about her that I cannot put into words. We worked together styling our shoot, and even shared a Pinterest board to collaborate on my vision. The day of the shoot I met with Cori’s amazing stylist, Morgan, who has such a great energy and made me into my most beautiful self. During the shoot I had a blast! I have never felt so comfortable, even while wearing so little…but even beyond that I felt beautiful.

After the shoot I met with Cori to view the pictures…I was stunned. I cried. Seeing myself from that perspective was an out of body experience. Yeah we see photos of ourselves in snapshots, “selfies”, even instagram with those filters…but looking at oneself through Cori’s lens is something truly special. I started out doing this for my husband as a gift, but in the end it was more of a gift to myself. I still regularly look at these photos and am so proud. It is truly an experience I will forever cherish. So as I stated in the beginning, if you are thinking about doing this DO IT!"

"Thank you so much for today. It rates up there with one of the best days of my life" -Tammie

I would personally like to invite you to a free consultation. Meeting with women before they book a shoot allows both of us to learn more about each other, and we're able to really take the time to discuss your questions, ideas, styling, and go over my luxurious product line. Most importantly, this is the time to talk about why you would like to have portraits of yourself. Every woman deserves to exist in photos. Schedule your consultation today and take advantage of our winter special (see image below) before all of the spots are gone.

Contact Cori@littlebellsphotography.com to set up your consultation and to book your shoot.


Located in Bloomington, IL. Available for travel to Chicago & SW Florida.

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