The Gift of Grateful Living Discover Resilience, Wellbeing and Joy in the Great Fullness of Your Life

What if you could learn to have greater awareness of the blessings of simply being alive, greater appreciation for all that works and is sufficient in your life, and greater wonder and awe for the miracles that are within and around you at all times? What if the “ordinary” people, things, and moments of your life seemed extraordinary to you? What if you took nothing for granted?

You would have more ease and joy in your life. You would discover the gifts of grateful living…

Grateful living is a way of life which asks us to notice all that is already present and abundant – from the tiniest things of beauty to the grandest of our blessings – and in so doing, to take nothing for granted. We can learn to focus our attention on, and acknowledge, that life is a gift. Even in the most challenging times, living gratefully makes us aware of, and available to, the opportunities that are always available; opportunities to learn and grow, and to extend ourselves with care and compassion to others. Grateful living is based in, and reinforces, values such as respect, responsibility, and generosity. Small, grateful acts every day can uplift us, make a difference for others, and help change the world.

We often think this is just another day in our lives. It's not just another day...

"In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy."

Brother David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine monk, scholar, writer, and social activist. Founder of A Network for Grateful Living


Savoring the substance

of existence

is a serious


Someone must do it.

Someone must love

luminous hours when leaves

marry light and refuse

to stop


Someone must speak

the sweetness

of lilacs

before it is lost

beneath smog.

Someone must bask

in the beauty of blessing

because the news knows only


When you give yourself

to a particular place

the power

and peace

of that place

give themselves

through you.

So savoring the substance

of existence

is a serious frivolity.

Someone must do it.

Will that someone

be you?

By Bernadette Miller. Posted by kind permission of the poet.

“…there are thousands of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” - Rumi

The many gifts of grateful living reveal themselves as we look for and discover the innumerable ways we can "kneel and kiss the ground." Our hope is that the offerings here evoke a feeling of "great fullness" and give you a taste of the transformative possibilities contained within living life with grateful attention. Discover more at gratefulness.org. Let this be a place to nourish the ground of your life every day. Sign up to receive our Word for the Day, Poem a Month and Practice Invitations. Visit our online sanctuary to learn about gratefulness gatherings, eCourses, workshops, Br. David’s archive, scientific research on the benefits of practice, gratitude journals, our gratitude lounge, free eCards and much more!


"Gratefulness is my plumb line. When I fall off my course, the daily entries bring me back to a mindset of thanksgiving."

"You do amazing work: you change hearts, minds & lives daily by pointing to the rich inner resources Life places in every hungry heart! Thank you from my heart for all you do."

"Gratefulness work seemed like a luxury way back when; now I see it as an essential paradigm shift needed in our world. Thank you for focusing on this work."

"May you embrace this day, not just as any old day, but as this day. Your day. Held in trust by you, in a singular place, called now." - Carrie Newcomer

A Network for Grateful Living is a registered nonprofit (501c3) that serves a growing movement of people who embrace gratefulness as a guiding light and grounding principle in their lives. We serve a global community with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

Thank you for receiving this gift of gratefulness.


Created with images by Linus Nylund - "Waking up at 5.30 we entered the water just as the sun was rising. Even in a busy place there is always a time when most people are sleeping and you can find a tranquil moment for yourself." • Adam Birkett - "Ferris wheel in a cloudy sky" • Dejan Zakic - "Spring is in the air" • Marty Finney - "After a 7 mile walk around the beautiful Gisburn Forrest in the Forrest of Bowland we were against the clock. The winer sun was setting fast and so we knew we had to take a shortcut through, what looked like, a disused track back to our car We stumbled across an old pine forrest that had been hit by a massive storm only a couple of years ago. Everything was perfect, the sun just landing on the horizon, the temperature dropping to 0c and even Wally our dog not running through shot. Amazing what you find off the beaten path" • Bernard Hermant - "Sky"