Andrew Carnegie Robber baron or captain of industry

Andrew Carnegie, leader in the steel industry of his time, richest man in the country at one point, was he a robber baron or captain of industry?
Andrew Carnegie in my eyes was a robber baron trying to look like a captain of industry like portrayed in this cartoon, he is giving money away to groups of people while reducing the wages of his workers more and more.
Carnegie's first robber baron type move, was when he created his steel mills for maximum amount of machinery with little room for the workers. Doing this resulted in the death of many of his workers and very unsafe conditions.
The constant cuts in the wages of Carnegie's workers lead to many of his workers not being able to support their families, meeting below what is needed for the many families to survive.
Fast foward from the gilded age to modern day, men like Elon Musk are around, as for him specifically is he a robber baron or captain of industry?
Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, is a current day captain of industry in my opinion. I came to this conclusion firstly from his creation of the self driving Tesla cars, in his efforts to reduce accidents on the road since road accidents are the leading causes of deaths among teenagers.
Another reason as to why i see Elon Musk as a captain of industry is because he puts in millions of his money in his attempts to expand life on earth to other planets, for example he wants to make a space expedition to mars funded by him.
One last reason i see Elon Musk as a captain of industry is because he created a more efficient solar roof called solar tegra. This is designed to power your entire house from solar energy in his efforts to reduce Co2 emissions through oil heating and other things.

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