An Introduction to 10x Psychology

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Who are 10x Psychology?

Founded by ’assessment guru’ Professor Peter Saville, 10x Psychology significantly improves people performance in the workplace through insight, science and technology.

10x Psychology is home to some of the top minds in the field, and we are constantly learning, innovating and developing. We are proudly pioneering a new approach to workplace psychology using advanced machine learning techniques, to improve people performance in the workplace.

We have developed the most valid psychometric instrument on the market with modern, work relevant content, which we present on a unique dashboard with data-visualization designed to support high quality decision making.

Simply put – we believe in a better way.

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Our Assessments

10x Psychology developed first-in-class psychometric assessments that drive the predictive insights in the 10x solutions.

10x Personality® – a trait-based personality questionnaire, specifically designed to understand the behaviors that drive performance at work.

10x Motivation® – designed to identify the factors that underpin employee motivation.

10x Ability® Test Series – an extensive range of tests measuring aspects of general mental ability (numerical aptitude, numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, processing speed, spatial ability).

10x SurveysQuality of Hire Survey is a 30-item questionnaire that managers are sent after a hire has been in post for 3 months, to inform performance and progress of that hire. Talent Management Survey is a 24-item talent survey to assess global performance in the workplace, including the ability to drill into performance in terms of quality, quantity, timeliness, potential and behaviour.​

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Designed with the candidate in mind

Assessments are completed on a secure and convenient online platform. It uses responsive web design principles with the majority assessments being able to be completed on handheld devices as well as on desktop devices, whilst still maintaining a high-quality candidate experience.

The design of our assessments and platform are aimed to maximize accessibility; we strive for our assessments to be equally perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust for all participants. ​

Our assessments and platform support diversity, including neurodiversity, through our expertly designed items as well as giving you control to reset assessments and change time allowances. We also offer our assessments in multiple languages.

The assessment player is simple, intuitive and easy to use.

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Instant Candidate Feedback

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10x Personality

The 10x Personality® measurement model includes traits that are specific to work and predictive of successful performance in a wide range of roles and industries.

The unidimensional personality facets are directly aligned with universal work performance criteria and matched with a single competency facet. As the 10x Competency model was created alongside 10x Personality, using both in combination produces the most optimal empirical validity and subsequently provides a high return of investment.

10x Personality is modern, quick, and yet more valid and predictive of workplace performance than other questionnaires.

10x Personality - Model

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First-in-class assessment available on all devices

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Psychometric rigor

Meaningful and predictive insights can only be achieved if the input data - obtained by the assessments - are based on high quality measures. The 10x assessments show very strong psychometric properties and are proven to be:

Reliable – measuring accurately and precisely

Relevant – able to predict relevant, real-life behavior

Effective – including behaviors that are critical to and predictive of high performance

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Empirical Evidence

A large-scale, co-validation study collected data on 10x Personality and other personality questionnaires, alongside manager ratings of participants’ competency at work (n=360).

Results showed 10x Personality, and derived 10x Competencies, to outperform other personality questionnaires in the market.

10x Personality shows average, corrected* validity coefficients of .43 when correlated with manager ratings on the objective, criterion-centric Great 8 model of workplace competency (Kurz & Bartram, 2002).

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10x Solutions

Our solutions of 10x Hire®, 10x Predict® and 10x Optimize® combine the results from the 10x assessments with machine learning. They include intelligent, interactive, online dashboards and incorporate predictive analytics to enable quick, well-informed talent decisions.

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10x Hire

All hiring information in one place

Helps organizations to improve their hiring decisions and talent practices.

Enables the user to review candidates against pre-determined comparison groups, as well as each other.

Provides powerful performance prediction to ensure the user is hiring the best people for their organization.

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10x Hire® – Candidate Overview Profile

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10x Predict

Predicting candidates’ performance to improve your teams

Uses insights from the organizations’ existing workforce to develop predictive measurements that enhance selection, on-boarding and the development of talent.

Reduces the risk of hires and enables the organization to have a structured, insightful, hiring strategy with the goal of raising the average performance of staff in that role and team, objectively.

Combines advanced analytics and machine learning, supporting users to make better informed decisions with empirically derived profiles of what good performance looks like for their organization

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10x Predict® – Candidate Order, Predicted Competencies

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10x Optimize

Driving performance improvement in existing teams

Helps the organization identify the competencies driving performance in existing teams, including their strengths and development areas.

By assessing staff, it can tell the organization what good performance looks like within existing teams and departments and even compare this to industry benchmarks.

A performance coaching engine that uses machine learning and behavioral economics to encourage performance gains at an individual level.

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10x Optimize® – Team Overview dashboard

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How can we help?

We’d love to hear from you!

Our team of experts are here to help and answer any questions you might have.

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