Why Boudoir? Can I do this? HELL YES GIRL!

Boudoir isn't just naked pictures. And if all you're seeing is a naked lady, you're missing the point. An experience like this let's you let out that intimate side you have, but have been keeping locked away. This reminds you that you are worth it! The feelings women get from this session...it's like a wildfire. Confidence spreads and literally glows from your skin reassuring you that this is something you can do and be proud of doing!

Here's what some of my clients are saying about their Boudoir Experience!

Let me know if you’ve thought the same things as these women told me before coming in for their shoots:

  • “Good luck, I’m not very photogenic”
  • “I wish I was doing this shoot 3 weeks from now so I could lose 5 more pounds”
  • “I don’t have any idea how to pose, so my pictures probably won’t look very good.”
  • “I’m not a sexy person and I DEFINITELY don’t know how to make that sultry face.” (This was my excuse before I signed up for my boudoir experience)

The only true difference between them and you is they decided to be brave and vulnerable with the hope they were deserving of feeling sexy and beautiful which is one of the hardest things I can imagine doing. All of these women had every single one of the hesitations and feelings you're feeling about this as well but decided to take the leap into something different. The end result, loving their photos and themselves even more then they ever thought possible!

There isn't a wrong question here and I'd be more then happy to answer any you might have regarding our sessions! -xoxo Lauren