A Time of Great Change david Hernandez

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a time of change because it was the "flowering of African American culture and it influenced white culture overtime". It all started with the great migration. African American saw an opportunity to move up north because of the booming wartime industries during WWI. They began to form a distinct Black culture. In the realities of African American when they moved up north there was less segregation, racism, and discrimination so they didn't have to worry to much about Jim Crow laws,also during this time African American were running and getting elected to Public office.


Another example of the 20's being a time of change was women suffrage. In the 1920's big changes started happening for women the 19th amendment came to play (federal vote) they allowed women to vote. There social circumstances changed due to most men going to fight in the war more women begin to work outside there homes.Women had college opportunities and they also joined professions. A good example of showing this is a Flapper who a women that's express her self like wearing a short skirt and flaunted their disdain for what is considered acceptable behavior.

Ford Model T

The Ford model T assembly line, In 1913, Henry Ford made the first moving assembly line for the mass production of an automobile. Henry was able to reduce the time of building the ford model T. Ford installed moving lines for bits and pieces of the manufacturing process; so is the workers had more than one job, one worker would help with engine and the transmission Being able to build the car faster they were able to make more, and the price of the ford was lowered and people where able to afford them. The supply of ford went up so the demand was a lower price.


Johnson- Reed Act made the 1920's look like return to normalcy. This act allowed very little immigrants to enter the united states. The government made quotas to reduce the percentage on how many immigrants coming in from certain countries, Members of congress always tried to find a way to keep reducing the percentage but they were not able to. This act was created by Vermont William P. This Johnson-Reed act push back to return to normalcy because they were not allowing more immigrants, which mean America were denying some skilled workers that could help America economy at the time.


Created with images by herval - "Jazz.." • ArtsyBee - "african-american slavery man" • juliejordanscott - "suffragettes edit a bit carrying arrows to proudly display prison status" • juliejordanscott - "suffragettes carrying arrows to proudly display prison status" • juliejordanscott - "mezzo from the met - 1910 - 1915ish." • Sweet Carolina Photography - "Vermeer Flapper 1" • dok1 - "1921 Model T Ford" • born1945 - "Ford Model T (?)" • Hugo-90 - "1914 Ford Model T" • GPS 56 - "1913 Ford Model T Tourer" • BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives - "Church Army party of youths from Winnipeg bound for farms / Groupe d'adolescents de la Church Army de Winnipeg prêts à partir vers des fermesa"

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