My grade 9 self by: Kayla Fletcher


My name is Kayla Fletcher. I am 14 years old and I started grade 9 physical education this year. I have participated in many extra curricular's in my life. I used to skate, I have skated around six years, I enjoyed skating but I decided to quit last year. When I was younger I took on gymnastics for two years. I went on to swimming for one summer; I was on the swim team in Listowel. I didn't enjoyed swim team and it was going to become even more challenging so I didn't rejoin again. Dance (Tap and Jazz) was something I loved doing! I did it for many years but I had other interests . I still to this day, use the skills from all of the extra curricular's whether in school or throughout my life.


Sit-ups in September: 28 in 1 minute

Sit-ups in December: 27 in 1 minute

Wall sit in September: 1.06 minutes

Wall sit in December: 1.01 minutes

I decreased in my fitness scores. It wasn't much of a decrease but I didn't do as well. I believe that I have began to not exercise in later months of the year so I didn't do as well. In the summer I was very active, I would either workout,walk or just move around. Therefore, my body wasn't as ready for the fitness part of Phys. Ed in December rather then in September.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey was a very challenging sport to learn. The rules were the hardest to understand because of them being complex. There were a lot of rules to learn in a smaller amount of time. I also found playing the game was interesting, I was always watching that I didn't lift up my stick to far and not letting the ball hit my foot. Finally, Field Hockey was a difficult game for many reasons.

Track and Field

If I was to participate in the Listowel Lightning Track and Field team I would take part in Discus. I am not fond of running, so I would prefer the field part of Track and Field. I feel that Discus is less competitive and calmer for a person like me it is a shyer sport. Discus probably has a lot of skill to the sport so I would practice and learn from a teacher. Therefore, I would improve my skills and become better at the sport and learn to really enjoy it.


Step 1: Stand up straight.

Step 2: Spread your legs apart one shoulder length away from the other leg.

Step 3: Bend your knees a little bit.

Step 4: Get a football and hold it the way you would throw it (with some of your fingers on the laces).

Step 5: Reach down to the ground in the same position and hold the football to the ground.

Step 6: Make sure someone is around three metres behind you.

Step 7: The person behind you has to say "hut" and when they do throw the football through your legs to them. The football has to be in contact with the ground and then end up in your partners hands.


I believe Volleyball is a popular sport in grade 9 because everyone gets a chance to be part of a team sport. Volleyball is not a independent game, it includes a lot of team spirit and many people to play. I also think it is a favourite sport because students have been playing this game since they were in elementary school and it is a familiar sport to a lot of people. Finally, the sport isn't hard to understand or play because there are three main moves: bump, setting and serving. Therefore, students in grade 9 enjoy the game because of certain aspects of the sport.


I would rather play singles in Badminton. When I play doubles I never get the birdie because of my teammate. In singles I get to be independent and learn different strategies on my own. Singles makes you move more and keep on trying to do better than the other and you don't have to worry about a partner not getting t over the net. Therefore, singles is easier for me to work on my own terms with another person helping.


Making good decisions is important in high school because you could be affecting the rest of your education or life. It could affect future employment or trust of certain companions. Decision making skills is important because you could make the wrong decision and it could be abused or regretted. For example going to a party and drinking underage or doing drugs is a decision that is not an expectation of the law and people. Therefore, bad choices that you make in your teenage years may change your future path.

Grade 8 self

Dear Grade 8 self, there are many aspects of your grade 9 year that you will learn by doing. High school is not all about academics, there are many opportunities you can take part in such as extra curricular clubs and sports. There is also extra help from teachers in case of confusion with the lessons. Don't be afraid to ask questions because others can also learn from the information you receive. Be confident, you are smarter than you think and don't be afraid to be yourself. If you work hard in high school, you will earn your marks in many ways. Finally, there are many new things you learn from high school so embrace the opportunity!

Kayla Fletcher


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