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  • Reataurant NameĀ : Life Of Pie
  • Location : 100 Princess Ave, Toronto, ON M2N 3R7
  • Brief Description : We are running a fresh pie shop called "Life of Pie" and sell fresh organic pies.
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Final logo
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  • Brief description : I was assigned to design a restaurant logo called "Life of Pie". i related my logo to a movie "Life of Pi".
  • Rationale
  • The Purpose of this restaurant logo assignment was to create a restaurant logo that is suitable for the name given. we were required to make personas for the first time, a brief reserch and than to design a logo. through this assignment, i learn what and how persona work, and to create a logo suitable for its name.
  • I first began the assignment by looking up a restaurant name that was assigned by Ms. Yamashita. Then we were told to make personas. Persona is very important because to make a effective and good logo, requires the designer to clearly define the product they are trying to sell, and who they want to sell to.
  • After persona, i moved on to do a reserch work. i began by reserching a movie "Life of Pi" because my restaurant name was "Life of Pie". when i was reserching, 99% of the photos were tiger with Pi, so i decieded to use tiger when designing a logo. then i moved on to look for bakery shop logos to see what bakery shop logos generally look like.
  • While i was actually designing a logo, i had few problems with how im going to relate my logo with a tiger. i came up with few ideas but they looked nothing like an bakery or pie shop logo. then i actually went back to do more reserch about tiger and found a picture that inspired me to design my logo and was succesfuly make a logo that looks more like a bakery shop logo.
  • I think the coolest part of my piece is that it looks different from most of the other bakery shop logos. Generally, most of the bakery shop have an vintage style or very elegant looking logo and they are mostly text. However, my logo is more simple and is picture based.
  • Through this assignment, i learned the important of persona and how to actually make one. I also learned how to relate my logo design to other work (i.e. i had to relate my logo to the movie "Life of Pie") when designing one. this wil help me later on when ill be designing or doing any illustration work.

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