Giant tortoise

Info you need to know. . comman Name Giant tortoise Scientific name Geochelone Nigra. Physical description they can grow over 500 pounds and 5 feet long. They have 5 front claws and 4 back claws. They have a toothless beak because they are vegetarian . Giant tortoises can have a round, dome snapped, or saddle backed shells. If you look close at there skin you can see a appearance close to a dinosaur or a crocodile, they have thick scales all over there limbs. The thickness of the scales help protect them from the sun. The hard shell protects there soft endoskeleton. Habitat they are mostly found in grass land or swamps on tropical islands
Some adaptations the giant tortoise has is the shell on there back to protect the soft exoskeleton, there scales protect there skin from the sun, there long neck to be able to get leaves off high branches. The giant tortoise is endagered because when the Europeans discovered the island where the live in the 16th century the started to hunt them because there were slow and had tasty flesh. Then when they bought other animals to the islands they ate the tortoise eggs and there food. There are programs that mate them and release the baby's into the wild. And it is illegal to hunt them
It's important to protect our endagered specials because if we didn't then we would loose our planets animals the animals keep the food cycle balanced.
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