Urinary and Endocrine System By: Lily Kallevig

Parts of the Urinary System

Urinary System

Kidneys: Two bean shaped organs under your ribs, that filter waste frame you blood and make pee, when they don't work bad stuff quickly builds up in you body and makes you sick that's why you hear about people getting kidney transplants you need one at least one working kidney to be healthy

Bladder: A sack behind the pubic bone, that hold your pee until you have to go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom when you have to go it can lead to accidents

Ureters: Two thin tubes, that take pee from the kidneys to the bladder

Parts of the Endocrine System

Endocrine System

Thyroid gland: Looks like a butterfly that is in your chest, that make hormones that are important to grow and helps you stay alert and full of energy, eat foods that have iodine in them

Thymus: A gland in the upper chest that simulates your immune cells

Adrenal glands: Two glands on top of each kidney, they are important at times of trouble like when you're sick or stressed

Pancreas: Behind stomach, that makes several hormones including insulin


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